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March 2018

The Top 17 Jackets to Pack for Climbing Kilimanjaro

  What’s the best jacket to pack for climbing Kilimanjaro? This is a question we get often – and one we are happy to help you find the answer to. In short, you’ll need several jackets to comfortably (and safely) climb Kilimanjaro. That’s because, when you climb from the base of Mount Kilimanjaro all the way to the summit,  you’ll be hiking through five different climate zones that each come with their own unique weather conditions. This may sound like a tricky situation to pack for – but don’t worry. Our team of experts have done this trek many

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17 Expert Tips to Budget for Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost from Top Travel Bloggers

How do you budget for your Kilimanjaro climb so you don’t drain your bank account or max out your credit cards? The average Kilimanjaro climb cost (from a reputable company) starts around $4,000 (not including airfare) and packages usually cover park fees, food, wages, gear, ground transport and medical equipment for you, your guides and your porters for at least 10 days. Is that a lot of money to invest in a single adventure? Not when you compare it to the great experience you’ll have reaching Kilimanjaro’s summit. This priceless journey to Uhuru Peak is one you’ll never forget; a

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Nepal: Namaste with a Caveat

As adventure travelers we are naturally curious, compassionate and willing to take risks. These are great qualities enriching our lives, but also can make us vulnerable to scams. Nepal is a magnificent adventure travel destination, but there is a caveat…

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6 Tips for Finding an Experienced Guide to Help You Climb Kili

Did you know you can’t climb Kili without a licensed and registered guide? The government of Tanzania and the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park made it a rule that all treks up the mountain need a registered, licensed guide at the helm. That’s for a few reasons.  Most importantly, a Mount Kilimanjaro hike can be dangerous. People die every year on the journey whether from weather-related accidents, altitude complications, or other unforeseen issues. And also to make sure that climbers stick to the many rules established by the government to reduce the human impact on the sensitive environment. Since you

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