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Bhutan is a tiny country in Asia that is half the size of Indiana, and sees as many tourists in a year as Germany does every four hours. Because of the dramatic Himalayan geology, Bhutan’s landscapes are a stunning combination of mountains and valleys. And it’s just this reason why Tusker Trail’s Eddie & Amy Frank decided to scout Bhutan as a place to trek.

Eddie & Amy have had Bhutan in their sights for the past 4 years. Working hand-in-hand with a local Bhutanese company and expert Bhutanese guides they have created a trek in western Bhutan – with one departure – that will leave you spellbound.

Less than 500 people trek our chosen route every year.   Compare this to 40,000 on Kilimanjaro, and you soon realize that the trekking regions of Bhutan are relatively untouched and pristine. In Bhutan you find more charm, scenic beauty and cultural treasures crammed into this small kingdom than anywhere else on earth.

The camp and kitchen will deliver the same comforts and treats that have kept you smiling on your previous climbs and treks with Tusker Trail. The Bhutan trek is tough and remote, but the experience of trekking through the pristine forests, amongst the tallest peaks on our planet, will change your life forever – guaranteed.

The trek is scheduled for October 14 – 28, 2012. The group size will be limited to only 16 members, and will be led by Amy Frank.

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