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By on June 1, 2010 in Culture Category

Birth wherever it occurs, has a long list of complex traditions. From culture to culture, and species to species, these rituals are elaborate, meaningful and poles apart.

Regardless if the outcome is always the same, live birth still has the power to enrapture, transform and spellbind.

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Bird’s nest soup is one of the most coveted delicacies in all of Asia, commonly referred to as the “caviar of the East”. Folklore suggests that the swift bird’s saliva is the key to eternal life. Due to its rarity, a single bowl of it can cost upwards of US $100.

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The women of Asia who have risen to success throughout history are some of the most fearless and strong women in all of history. Their steely will, juxtaposed with their delicate feminine nature, gave rise to the descriptive term “Iron Butterflies”.

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12,000 Years of Mongolian Rock Art

Embarking on a journey with Tusker to Mongolia provides travelers with an extremely rare opportunity to experience rarely seen rock art, as old as 12,000 years, that is extremely hard to locate.

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Wine is a pleasure that has been enjoyed in various parts of the world for thousands of years.

In Africa, the popularity of wine is increasing rapidly. Most wine lovers know that South Africa is a major world producer of wine, but many don’t know that other countries in Africa have a keen interest in wine and very good offerings as well.

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