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By on November 1, 2011 in Adventure Category, History Category

Seen throughout history, maps ultimately tell stories about places, and the people who lived there. Always a representation of knowledge, and forever an instigator of adventure, maps trace the broad sweep of human history.

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By on September 1, 2010 in Food Category, History Category

The history of garlic, also known as the “stinking rose”, is a wild and adventurous one. Over the last 4,000 years of human history, the potent bulb has been both cherished and despised. It has been thought of as a miracle cure and repellant to ward off everything from pesky insects to blood-sucking vampires. It has also been shunned and banned for its overwhelming pungency.

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With nothing to keep her company in the Himalayan cave except for a flickering candle, Alexandra David Neel noticed that another day had passed. Isolated from civilization, here she was, a French woman living as an ascetic in a cave.

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If you think that everything from intricate brain operations to delicate nose jobs and other surgeries of all kinds are inventions of modern medicine… think again. The art and science of surgery on humans was developed and widely practiced thousands of years ago.

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Many people can’t stand going to the dentist. However from ancient Egyptians to forensic scientists, humans have always been aware of the usefulness of teeth and the importance of tooth health.

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