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Sunshine Superman

When the sun goes down on an outdoor trip, the air goes out of the balloon. The day’s adventures are a memory and your body automatically winds down when the sun does too. It’s time to hunker down in your tent and be responsible by checking email and see what’s happening back home – except in Iceland during the summer.

Outdoor adventure runs 24/7 during the Icelandic summer and all you need is the energy to partake. On June 21, the summer solstice sun sets just after midnight and rises just before 3 a.m. in the capital Reykjavik. The three hours of darkness are actually more like a sparkly twilight. Pitch black doesn’t enter the outdoor equation until early September. Catch up on your sleep when you leave Iceland. While there, stay awake and active basking in the outdoors all Icelandic summer. Iceland may be the land of fire and ice, but it’s also the land of the Sunshine Superman/Superwoman.

Tusker Trail Iceland Adventure

Land of the Midnight Tour

Perhaps nowhere else in the world do tour companies pick you up at your hotel at 10 p.m. and set off to climb mountains or go whale watching, but that’s what local operators do in Reykjavik. They summit Mt Snaefell or venture down to the Reykjanes Peninsula in the wee hours to hike and get you back to the hotel in time for breakfast. The dreamy “night” time skies offer the slowest sunsets/sunrises and this muted Technicolor show allows photo buffs to get unique visuals.

Tusker’s Iceland adventure tour starts in Reykjavik and travels further north where there is less night and even more daylight, so the options for a full 24 hour immersion are there. The Tusker itinerary is an aggressive sampling of all that Iceland has to offer – hiking in the highlands of Fjallaback Nature Reserve as well as walking on the Skaftafell-Hali glacier. Horseback riding, whale watching and bathing in the healing geothermal heated lagoons of Myvatn are also planned for the 12 day August adventure.

Night Owls

When you get back to Reykjavik there is no reason to sleep. The summer concert series is practically non-stop from the Secret Solstice Festival in June to the final big concert in September when Justin Bieber hits town. That concert is sold out, but don’t be bummed (I know you won’t), instead go hike a mountain at midnight or bond with the whales at 1 a.m. Let the teenies have their Bieber. Go party with the night owls atop a mountain.


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