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Tusker Trail - Kilimanjaro Climb Company

A Kilimanjaro climb is within your reach, even if you've never attempted to climb a mountain. You climb side-by-side with Tusker's world-class guides, supported by unmatched team logistics - on the passion-fired trek of your life.

Everest Base Camp Trek

An intrepid journey through the Himalayas - where stunning mountains and ancient cultures connect.

Journey to the famed Everest Base Camp on an unforgettable trek. Hike amongst the most stunning mountains imaginable. Eat wholesome food prepared by our own chefs, and immerse yourself in traditional Sherpa culture. 

Patagonia Solar Eclipse 2020


Explore the universe above and below the tree canopy with SETI astrophysicist and personality Dr. Laurance Doyle, on this exciting trip to Chile's Patagonia.

Mongolia Wilderness Trek


Journey through a 1000-year old culture, where nomads ride and hunt with wild Eagles.

Trek on foot and ride on horseback with the nomads - across mountain passes, open steppe, and over lush tundra through the heart of Western Mongolia.

Greenland Trek

Explore Greenland’s remote southeast coast over wild, rugged terrain where there are no paths - just spectacular beauty.

Who We Are


When EDDIE FRANK was a child growing up in the African bush, Tusker Trail's founding guide dreamed of outfitting a Land Rover and driving it on an expedition across the African continent. He was so obsessed that his grandfather bought him an Atlas of the world when he was 6 years old. But at the age of 13, his family moved to Los Angeles in the USA. His dream was over.

One day at the age of 23 he was having a beer with some friends at their local pub. 

The topic of the trans-Africa Land Rover expedition came up.  His friends bet him he would never do the trip.  That was the spark. The dare.

A year later Eddie found himself in the Sahara desert, leading a Land Rover expedition across Africa with a dozen adventurers on board.

On that first trip, the jolt of excitement, the group camaraderie and the passion for discovery that he experienced - hit a nerve that was difficult for him to ignore.  His life had begun and Tusker Trail was born.

The next 44 years found Eddie leading expeditions and safaris across Africa, exploring the mountains, deserts, jungles, savannahs and rivers that he found in the chilhood Atlas given to him by his grandfather.  

During those years, as he journeyed through Africa he found himself exhilarated by a particular type of adventure - trekking.  He learned that by exploring on foot he was able to slow down his pace and engage the continent face to face - and on its own terms. 

Since those early days, a lot has changed.  In 2004 he met Amy on a Kilimanjaro climb. She had spent most of her life guiding outdoor trips in Canada.  They teamed up and built a formidable team, forging Tusker Trail's new direction on other continents and exploring new  adventurous destinations.

But what hasn't changed since the early days is their driving passion for adventure, camaraderie and personal encounters in foreign lands. And this is the axis on which Tusker spins, and also what feeds our zeal for new experiences, adventure and discovery.

And if it wasn't for Tusker's  travelers who follow us to the edges of the map, we'd be stuck at home, working a job.  And that unique group includes you, another adventurer who just finished reading this article to find out what Tusker Trail's all about.  You're a big part of this story.

And we’ll be damned if we know where all this is going to wind up. What we DO know is that the journey is totally worth it.

Follow our adventure on Tusker Trail's LEGACY TIMELINE and discovering some juicy titbits from the early days.

Your Bucket List


Build your bucket list with Tusker Trail, one of the early pioneers in the adventure travel world, the outdoor trekking company that has spent over 42 years refining the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Keep your adventure dreams alive by exploring new places and finding your inner greatness.