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Eddie Frank

To say that Eddie Frank has a few stories to tell is a gross underestimation of the man's experiences. If you've shared a beer with him, listening in awe as he recounts his early years blazing trails across Africa, you are truly lucky.

And now, if you're reading this, you too have joined their ranks. This page,  offers you the opportunity to have your questions answered directly by the man himself.

You should know that Eddie has journeyed to more countries than can he can recall.  He has encountered wildlife in a wayi that would leave the most seasoned zoologist envious. From African moonshine & local beer to indigenous foods, Eddie has likely tried it. Barganing with bandits, and haggling with an Emperor, Eddie’s done it. So don't hold back, let your imagination run wild.

Still not sure what to ask him? Peruse the Tusker blog to learn more about Eddie's wild adventures, and then submit your question in the form below. Eddie will personally review all questions and answer as many as he can in the next email.

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Back in early 1977, a young Eddie Frank embarked on a journey unlike any other. He set out on an adventure that would take him to the far reaches of the African continent - and beyond.  While guiding audacious expeditions he braved countries during military coups, traversed the vast deserts and stumbled on remote jungle villages that you've likely never new existed.

Along the way, Eddie encountered wildlife, terrain and villages that would leave you in disbelief;  the kind of encounters that are straight out of a National Geographic documentary. This is a man who lived a life of adventure and discovery. So, keep an eye on your inbox, pull up a chair, crack open a drink, and soak up the exciting and curious questions that he responds to in his next mailing.

Eddie Truck crossing Congo

Eddie guides a ragtag crew  aboard his six-ton truck across the Congo River on a makeshift barge lashed  together from three flimsy canoes and a ton of rope.


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