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Tusker's founding guide Eddie Frank was born and raised in Africa, so as an African native, no one appreciates the hard work, determination, culture and economic struggle like Eddie.  Partnered with is wife Amy, they have spent many years leading treks and expeditions all across the country, personally witnessing the plight that can plague small communities.  That's why he knows better than most just how much the local communities depend on contributions to their economy and infrastructure.

In a targeted effort to better outfit porters, Tusker Trails, utilizing it's Porter Support Program, entered into a partnership with the local Lions Club Chapter, Moshi Kibo.


Tusker's alliance with the local Lions Club extends and enhances Tusker's support and provides an additonal layer of oversight, ensuring care and support goes where it's needed most.   Tusker's partnership with The Lions Club's warm clothing drive helps distribute warm clothing to other porters to ensure they all have warm clothing and gear, regardless of what company they work for.  Tusker has also partnered with the Moshi-Kibo Lions Club on projects for the deaf and blind, which have become models of success in Africa.


Our U.S. based support team is there to assist every step of your trek from the moment you book.  Planning and managing treks is our life blood, and for over 40 years we have been facilitating guest climbers from around the globe reach their dreams.  No matter your country of origin, or goal of your climb, our team is here to ensure we deliver the most amazing experience of your life.

Tusker's Moshi support team will be waiting for you the moment you land in Tanzania.  Like picking up family, we transport you to our locally owned family hotel and introduce you to Moshi.  We also pick you up and drop you off at your the Kilimanjaro National Park gate where you will begin and end your climb.  At the end of your adventure our team will be dropping you off for your flight home, your follow up African Safari, your relaxing excursion to the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Tusker's porters are the backbone of all our climbs and the core of our Tusker family.  We are a founding Partner member of KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program) and member of IMEC's Partner for Responsible Travel Program.  You can rest assured that we maintain the highest porter health and safety standards and our pay and compensation packages goes above and beyond program standards.  So It's no surprise that our crew members have been with us for 15 to 22 years with virtually zero turnover.  When you meet them you won't find a more lively, dedicated, and beloved crew on Kilimanjaro.  Their energy is infectious and their songs will inspire.


Tusker's in-house team of U.S. based guide managers are experts in facilitating your Kilimanjaro experience.  We bring over 40 years adventure management to the table, with a singular focus of ensuring that you have the most worry free, amazing time of your life.  After helping over 10,000 adventurers acheive their dreams, our operation functions like a well oiled machine.  Just read out reviews! 

Our U.S. team stands by to help you with the following to ensure you're 1000% ready for your adventure.

  • Kilimanjaro route selection
  • Advice on climb season & dates
  • Fitness training consultation
  • Travel documents
  • Vaccines / Innoculations
  • Climbing gear & equipment
  • Gear & equipment rental
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Travel planning assistance
  • Safari or Zanzibar planning
  • Charity climb planning
  • Private climb planning
  • General questions
  • Emergency response

Question for our team?  -- CLICK HERE  to contact us, or call our US Office at Lake Tahoe  --  +1.775.833.9700  or  1.800.231.1919


Since 1977 Tusker’s ground operations has been a staple fixture in Moshi.  This where our local Moshi team operates, where we store our rental gear, and where Tusker's bases it's operations for our ongoing community support efforts.  We have 18 members in our Moshi-based operations crew.  The onsite operations managers will handle your in-country transport, lodgings, and pre-climb prep, as well as your pre-climb introduction to your Moshi guide team and porter crew.  Our local team leaders are your invaluable information resource about the town, and local community.  If you are looking for souvineers, tasty street food, or the right local markets to peruse, they can point you in the right direction and ensure you have a safe enriching experience.


Our porters are nothing less than the backbone of any well run Kilimanjaro climb.  They carry all the gear required for a safe and successful trek.  They travel ahead of the group and setup camp before you arrive, giving your chef time to prepare meals, snacks and hot beverages for your arrival.  They will also carry most of your own personal gear.  One of the "guides by your side" will be one of our friendly talented porters, keeping your personal items there when you need them.  When you arrive in camp, your standup / walk-in tent will be setup to welcome you, with your cot and sleeping bag prepped and ready, along with your personal duffle.  Our porters jovial and caring nature is infectious, providing you a warm welcome feeling.

Most of Tusker's crewmembers has been working for us for 15 to 22 years. Definitely a very close knit our crew, they are fiercely loyal to the Tusker family. We love our team and take great care of them and their home community. Tusker spends 60% of it's total monatary revenue in Tanzania, which is an immense boon to the local Kilimanjaro community. All told Tusker directly employs:

  • 2,275 Porters