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Z – Why Climb Kilimanjaro

Tusker has been leading successful climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro since 1977. Our decades of experience sets us apart from other operators because:


We Lead Our Own Climbs and Never Subcontract


Since climbing Kilimanjaro has become incredibly popular, there are now hundreds of companies offering climbs in a wide range of prices.

However, many of these are not legitimate climbing companies with their own guides; they are just agencies that repackage climbs that are run by Tanzania companies.

The climbing company you think you’re booking your Kilimanjaro trek with may just be subcontracting your trip to a questionable operator you’ve never heard of.

That’s why there is such a vast difference in safety standards and pricing.


Tusker Uses Our Own Gear


Since we DO NOT subcontract our climbs, we run our own hikes with our own guides, vehicles, and equipment.

This ensures the quality of the gear we’re bringing along always meets our high standards. We never rent equipment from other companies and routinely check for worn gear that needs to be replaced.

We Use More Guides Per Group Than Any Other Company


The number of Tusker guides climbing Kilimanjaro with you depends on your group size. If you're climbing on your own, you will have your own personal guide. Larger groups will have more.

Most Tusker groups operate with anywhere from 2–6 guides and 6-9 porters per climber to carry all the gear, equipment, and food you’ll need during the trek.


Our Guides are Climbing Experts
Trained in High Altitude Safety


Kilimanjaro National Park requires all climbers to be accompanied by a guide. However, these approved guides are only required to know the bare minimum of first aid..

Guides are not required to undergo formal medical training, leadership mentoring, or even speak fluent English.

That puts Tusker's skilled, medically-trained guides in a league of their own. Highly respected on Kilimanjaro, they exhibit rare leadership qualities that instill confidence in our hikers before, during and after climbing Kilimanjaro.