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Since our first Kilimanjaro climb 45 years ago,we have led a lot of private and special interest groups up Kilimanjaro. It’s easy to plan a private climb with us. Whether you have special interests, a specific purpose, or just want to climb with your friends, it’s all possible. And it doesn’t cost any more.


Kilimanjaro is more than just a mountain, it’s elegant, it’s vast, and it’s breath-taking.  It lies at the heart of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For all climbers, reaching the summit is a personal life challenge. And Kilimanjaro also draws climbers from around the world for many reasons. You discover amazing flora unique to the region, with extremely diverse climate zones contained in a relatively small area. Kilimanjaro is also the tallest solitary peak in the world with ancient glaciers glaciers situated on a dormant volcano. It’s an awesome  challenge to take on with your own private climbing group.

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Private Climbs

A private climb is a great way for you to customize your Kilimanjaro adventure. You can choose your route, climb on your own dates, and plan the climb to suit your group. You can climb for a charity, with your family, a group of friends, a corporate team, or even on your own.

Custom Climb Dates

You can plan a climb around any route you like, and around your own schedule. If you cannot match a climb to your dates, or if the climb you want to join doesn’t have enough room, then a private climb is the way to go.  And it won’t cost you more.

Charity Climbs

Tusker Trail has been leading charity climbs since our first climb for the Make-a-Wish foundation in 2001. Climbers have raised over $14,000,000 for 77 foundations. It’s an incredible way to combine your challenge with a great cause. Click here to visit our Charity Climb page.

Research Climbs

For over four decades we have facilitated many  experts in their research on Kilimanjaro. These include scientists cataloging the flora of Kilimanjaro, researching the effects of high altitude, and studies of the the climate and its affect on the glaciers.

CME - Medical Courses

Climbing Kilimanjaro on a CME climb is perfect for earning Continuing Medical Credits. Your multi-day live activity workshop occurs on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. You climb while participating in medical activities required to earn the CME credits needed to maintain your medical license.

Film Shoots

Tusker Trail has many years of facilitating video projects on Kilimanjaro and in Tanzania for various productions. If you are looking to shoot in Tanzania, permits are required, and they are sometimes difficult to procure without the know-how and local contacts. We have decades of experience in the field.

"Adventure of a lifetime - Kilimanjaro/Safari" - "I witnessed about 20 other groups & the Tusker group made a huge impression on me. We had the most number of porters & guides per climbers.  Tusker's gear was the most updated gear on the mountain, best tents, warm, best sleeping mats & bags."  -- "Jeff S."


There are many reasons to organize a private climb. Mainly, you have the flexibility of choosing your own route and scheduling your own dates for your group. It’s a very personal experience as you take on the challenge of Kilimanjaro, and as you bond with your fellow climbers immersed in all the natural beauty. A private climb is a perfect solution if our scheduled departures don’t fit your timetable, or if you just want your close friends or family to climb together. By setting up a private climb, you customize it to fit your needs, so your family and friends can share the adventure and bond as to take on this life-changing experience as one complete group.


Charity climbs are truly rewarding on many levels. You have the personal satisfaction of summiting the highest free-standing mountain in the world while also raising funds for a worthy cause. Tusker Trail has led dozens of charity climbs, raising over of $14 million since our first charity climb for the Make-a-Wish Foundation in 2001. Planning a charity climb takes a lot of preparation and requires a commitment of time and expert planning. We’ve done a lot of that, and that’s where we can help. Click here to visit our Charity Climb page.


There’s a wealth of information to be gained from being on Kilimanjaro. Tusker owner-guides Amy and Eddie Frank, teamed up with Swiss biologist Thomas Rüegg, and published a comprehensive field guide (A Guide to The Flora of Kilimanjaro) which catalogs some of Kilimanjaro’s unsual vegetation. The book has become a must-have for climbers from all around the world. You’ll get your autographed copy when you join one of our climbs.

Eddie Frank was approached by the U.S. Military and trained the Army’s elite special forces at high altitude.  Additionally, Eddie and Amy have led numerous medical groups on CME certification climbs, with high altitude expert Dr. Michael Callahan.


Once you climb Kilimanjaro, you begin to discover how it changes your life in ways you can never imagine. You start you see the world very differently, building a whole new sense of yourself and making discoveries about who you really are deep down inside.


You can climb any one of our climbing routes on a private climb, with your own departure date. Click on Compare Routes to find the route that suits your needs, or if you have a Question Click to Ask Us Anything  • Or Call:  +1.775.833.9700  •  1.800.231.191 if you need help making the choice.


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