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Mongolia Trek Itinerary



Embark on an extraordinary trek through the ALTAI MOUNTAINS with Tusker's founding guide, Eddie Frank - a true authority in the world of adventure trekking, with his team of Nomads. This hidden paradise is one of the most magnificent mountain habitats on our planet, and Eddie will lead you through its lush tundra and open steppe with the confidence and expertise of someone who knows this terrain like the back of his hand.

Whether you choose to hike the trails or ride a horse with our nomadic horsemen, you'll traverse broad river valleys and mountain passes, immersing yourself in the ancient nomadic culture of central Asia that still thrives on 1,000-year-old traditions. You'll have the chance to meet nomads who still hunt with Golden Eagles, and attend exciting local ceremonies and traditional horse games.

And Eddie will teach you how to ride if you've always wanted to learn.

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Trip-Advisor-5-Star-Kilimanjaro-Climb  "A wonderful trip. Well organized, good food, an opportunity to meet and begin to understand the nomadic people of Western Mongolia. Loved the horse riding, would go back in a heartbeat. e whole trip was very special, but trying to describe it to family and friends is a challenge. The photographs help, but it is difficult to explain just how remote the area is." - 5-Star Review by "Linda G."


        • Trekking Distance: 68 miles or 110 km 
        • Duration of Trek:  15 Days 
  • Daily trekking time: 5 to 8 hours
  • Trek Season: Summer

Mongolia Nomad Trek Video Series. Part 3 of 3.  Narrated by National Geographic’s Will Lyman.



Your Mongolia adventure begins when you land in the nation’s capital, Ulaan Baatar – often referred to simply as UB – and meet your Mongolian guide, who takes you to the Tuushin hotel. Ulaan Baatar is a bustling city of old and new. Once at the hotel, you are free to relax and wander around the city on your own, or with some fellow trek members. You will meet Eddie Frank at our first camp in a couple days.
  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tuushin Hotel

Tusker Mongolia Nomad Trek

5,610-ft/1,710-m  •  3 hour flight

A 3-hour flight west brings us to the captivating town of Bayan Ulgii. Dropping our gear at the Ger Camp, evocative of the traditional nomadic lifestyle, we venture out to explore the bustling outdoor market. Our hearts race with anticipation as we set out to find a Kazakh eagle hunter and his majestic bird of prey. Come dusk, we shift our gear into the reliable Tusker duffels, primed for the expedition ahead, where it will be more easily lashed onto sturdy camels.
•  All Meals •  Lodging: at the Pamuk Ger Camp

Tusker Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 3 - KHOTON NUUR (Lake)
6,820-ft/2,079-m  •  7-8 hours 

With a full day's drive to the southwest, we journey through the humble town of Tsengel en route to Khoton Nuur. After crossing the Khovd River, we pitch camp for two days on the sublime lake-shore, where our trek commences, and we meet our nomad trekking crew. As we savor a sumptuous camp dinner, we prepare ourselves for the extraordinary journey that awaits us.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp


After breakfast on the banks of the breathtaking Khoton Nuur, Eddie schools us in the art of riding a Mongolian horse. A leisurely ride through the verdant larch forest above the lake proves to be a serene experience. Immersing ourselves in the age-old traditions of the Kazakh nomads in their cozy Gers (nomad tents), we witness their thrilling nomadic horse games, the "Tusker Naadam," now a beloved  tradition. As the games conclude, we are treated to a showcase of stunning handmade crafts by the local women, excellent souvenirs to treasure back home.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 5 - UPPER KHOTON NUUR  • (Elikti)
13-mi/22-km • 6,845-ft/2,086-m •  5-6 Hours

Our crew springs into action, loading up the camels as we begin our trek through the alpine forest, heading  northward. The glacial depression that cradles the magnificent lake,  Khoton Nuur,  bears witness to ancient secrets, its horizontal benches revealing ancient lake levels across the ages; probably the result of glacial dams, towering and imposing, that periodically built up and broke away.. The Tsaagan Us River is one of the three tributaries of Khoton Nuur Lake, carrying with it the wisdom of the ages, straight from the Tavn Bogd glaciers.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 6 - CHEBEN HILL(Baydin Sazi)
9-mi/15-km • 7,050ft/2,149-m • 4-5 Hours

As we cross over to the east side of the formidable Tsaagan Gol River, our journey takes us deep into the enchanting river valley. Our campsite for the night, up on Cheben Hill, affords us a spectacular view of the serene river-fed grassy plains below, where a handful of Ger camps and their grazing goats add to the pastoral charm. Up here on the hill, the cool breeze carries with it an undeniable tranquility.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 7 - YAK MILK VALLEY  • (Ak Su)
12-mi/20-km • 7,190-ft/2,192-m • 7-8 Hours

As we descend the slopes towards the mouth of the river gorge, we brace ourselves for the adventure that lies ahead. Our climb up the gorge on the eastern bank of the river is nothing short of breathtaking, as towering canyon walls surround us on all sides, commanding our attention with their sheer magnitude.  As we press on, our efforts are richly rewarded by the sight of our camp - a stunning location on the river banks, embraced by snow-capped peaks that seem to touch the heavens. The white Tsaagan River flows right past our camp.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 8 - SHEVEET UUL GORGE  • (Hara Ayrik)
7-mi/11-km • 8,643-ft/2,634-m • 8-9 Hours

All geared up for the adventure that awaits, we leave the river gorge behind and embark on our journey towards the mountain pass. Our ascent to the pass,  at 10,350 ft, is nothing short of exhilarating, offering breathtaking views of the stunning Sheveet Uul gorge on the other side.We might find ourselves digging a path through the snow as we traverse the saddle. Finally, descending the scree slope , we reach our destination - camp in the Sheveet Uul Gorge - a sight to behold.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 9/10  - MIRROR LAKE  • (Tolin Nuur)
7-mi/12-km • 7,870-ft/2,399-m • 6-7 Hours

A small hike after breakfast brings us to a small Tuvan community that practices traditional shamanistic beliefs. Then an unexpected surprise. The ancient Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai are nothing short of breathtaking - some of the largest, oldest, and most well-preserved rock art in Asia. Dating back over 11,000 years, they offer a vivid glimpse into ancient cultural landscapes.Tracking the Tsaagan Gol river, we climb up to a glacial plateau, and camp at Mirror lake for two nights, spellbound by the  glaciers and peaks that crowd the horizon.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 11  - TAVN BOGD  • (Moson Gol)
9-mi/15-km • 10,100-ft/3,078-m • 6-7 Hours

We embark on a challenging hike uphill towards the stunning Potanin Glacier, sitting majestically at the foot of Mongolia's 5 highest Peaks, including Nairamdal, which marks the point where Mongolia, Russia, and China converge. The conditions above the tree line are  unforgiving, making it a challenging habitat for wildlife. The spectacular landscape, with tundra, lichen-covered rocks, alpine meadows, and high mountain swamps forms a breathtaking tapestry of natural beauty.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tusker Camp

5,610-ft/1,710-m  • Drive 6-7 Hours

Leaving the Tavn Bogd peaks behind us, our last day on the trail takes us north and east to the Ranger Station gate to the national park. This is our final day of trekking, and your last chance to give your horse its head and have a nice run. We unload the camels, say a sad goodbye to our Nomad crew, and drive back to Bayan Ulgii, overnighting at the Ger camp.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Pamuk Ger Camp

Mongolia Nomad Trek

Day 13-14  - ULAAN BAATAR

We set off on a short drive to the airport, ready to board our flight to Ulaan Baatar.  The next day, we immerse ourselves in city, led by our knowledgeable Mongolian guide. We explore the city's sights and sounds, from the awe-inspiring Chinggis Khaan Museum to the luxurious Cashmere clothing stores. The pinnacle of our day is a captivating visit to the National Theater, where we attend traditional Mongolian musical and dance performances. As the day draws to a close, we make our way to our favorite restaurant in the city, savoring the flavors and basking in the memories of our unforgettable journey.
•  All Meals •  Lodging at the Tuushin Hotel


 On your final day you fly home. Transfer to Airport.
• Breakfast at Hotel

Mongolia Nomad Trek


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Tusker's award-winning Mongolia Nomad Trek all began with a total Solar Eclipse that was to occur in Mongolia in 2008, which captured the imagination of Tusker's founders Eddie and Amy Frank. Eddie's family even had a legend about how they descended from an ancient Mongolian tribe, so the opportunity to explore this incredible region held a special significance for them.

In 2006, Eddie and Amy set out on an exploratory expedition to scout a route for the Eclipse trip, and what they discovered was truly eye-opening. They found an area so breathtaking and untamed that they knew they had to share it with the world. They partnered with a local guide and built a route that would become one of Tusker Trail's most exciting and highly regarded treks.


Amy Frank Guide
Eddie Frank Guide


Your guides and nomad crew are the heart and soul of your successful journey through Mongolia. Eddie Frank and his team of nomads, cooks, horses and camels take you on this extraordinary journey on a once in a lifetime experience.

Tusker’s founding guides, Eddie and Amy Frank have a deep love for Mongolia. They pioneered this incredible trekking experience together with the local nomads back in 2006.

Mongolia Nomad Trek Crew 2
Mongolia Nomad Trek Crew
Mongolia Nomad Trek Crew
Mongolia Nomad Trek Crew


      • Professional guides & dedicated crew
      • Lodging as per daily itinerary
      • 4-season tents
      • All-weather dining tent
      • Dining tables & fold-out chairs
      • Waterproof duffel bags
  • Purified drinking water
  • A horse for every trip member
  • Free riding lessons
  • Australian saddles
  • Private toilet with the world's best view



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