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Kilimanjaro Booking Conditions


Booking Your Trip
To secure your spot on a Tusker trip complete the trip application and make your $1,000 USD deposit.  We will send you a detailed pre-departure trip planning packet.  It tells you all you'll need to know about preparing for your trip.  If we can't offer you a place you may choose join the trip waitlist, or request a refund of your trip deposit.  See below for wait list terms.

We accept US dollars (USD) in the form of personal or bank checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Wire transfer (contact us for bank details).

Payment Schedule for Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Mongolia, and Greenland:

        • $1,000 USD per person upon booking (to secure your spot).
        • Final payment 90 days before your departure.

Payment Schedule for Patagonia Trek:

        • $1,000 USD per person upon booking (to secure your spot).
        • $1,000 USD - 90 days before your departure.
        • Final payment - 90 days before your departure.

If we haven't received your final payment and no special arrangements have been made, we will assume that you have canceled and will fill your spot from our waitlist.  If someone else is paying for any portion of your trip, you (the traveler) are responsible for payments and cancellation fees.

Additional payments may be required on extensions or customized itineraries.

Credit Card Payments
The land cost of your trip will be automatically charged to your credit card  on the dates listed in the payment schedule.  If you need to change credit card, please do so PRIOR to the charge date.  Once your card is charged, if you decide to use a different card, we will assess you the 3% processing charge.

Tusker Waitlist
If we are not able to offer you a place at the time that you book your trip, you can choose to join the Trip Waitlist by completing our trip application form. No deposit is required. When a spot opens up for you on the trip, we will let you know and ask that you confirm acceptance on the trip - in writing.  Once you have agreed to join the trip you must place your deposit of $1,000 USD
with us.

Kilimanjaro, Wildlife Safari, Everest Base Camp, Greenland and Mongolia - While we do not recommend cancelling your trip, we understand that events out of your control may force you to do so. We do have a cancellation policy. But before cancelling and paying any penalties, consider a RAINCHECK for your trip. It is free.

At the time we receive written notice from you that you are cancelling your trip, the following fees will apply for each person cancelling:

        • From time of reservation until 91 days prior to trip departure - $250 USD.
        • 90 to 61 days prior to trip departure – 25% of Land Cost.
        • 60 to 46 days prior to trip departure – 50% of Land Cost.
        • 45 days or less prior to trip departure – 100% of Land Cost.

Cancellation terms will differ on Zanzibar and other extensions or customized itineraries.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
It is your responsibility to ensure that you are healthy enough to participate in our trips. Once Tusker has confirmed your place on a trip, cancellation fees will apply if you cancel your trip for ANY reason - even for medical issues.  We strongly recommend that you buy Trip Cancellation Insurance.

We can only offer a rain check for the part of your trip that is operated by Tusker Trail. As we do not have control over service providers, we cannot offer rain checks for their services. They may levy their own cancellation fees. Rain checks are available only for the following trips:

        • Kilimanjaro Climb.
        • Mongolia Trek.
        • Everest Base Camp Trek.

Once you have signed up for one of the above trips, if you have to postpone, please contact our office immediately.   We cannot guarantee it, but we'll do our best to reschedule you.   

Rain-Check Terms & Conditions
At the time that we receive written request that you wish to postpone your Tusker trip, the following fees will apply to each person:

        • More than 21 days before departure - NO CHARGE.
        • 16-20 days before departure - $150 USD.
        • 0-15 days before departure - May not be possible, so call us immediately!

If we are able to give you a raincheck, we will hold the deposits that you have paid, and apply them to your postponed Tusker Trail trip.  The price of your Tusker Trail trip will remain valid for travel up to 1 year from the date that we received your original deposit. If you decide to cancel your trip completely, we will use your first notification to us as the cancellation date and base your cancellation fees on your original trip date.

Tusker's Tier-Priced Trips
In order to run trips with a small group size, some of Tusker's trips are priced according to the number of full-price travelers on the trip. Tusker staff, medical personnel and other discounted members are not included in the count for this purpose.  On Tier-Priced trips, your statements will show the highest Tier Price (smallest group size that we can operate.)  This is what we will charge you when final payment is due.  On the day of departure, if the group size is large, and the price drops due to the increased group size, we will refund you the difference in price immediately.

Minimum Group Size Requirement
As there are certain fixed costs associated with running a trip, regardless of the group size, we may have to cancel a trip that falls below our Minimum Group Size Requirement.  This happens very rarely. In the event we must cancel a departure, we will inform you just prior to the time of final payment.  In such a case, we will issue you a full refund of payments made to us for the land costs. Tusker is not responsible for additional expenses you may have incurred while preparing for the trip (e.g. non-refundable air tickets, passport and visa fees, clothing, equipment, medical expenses.) This is why we highly recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance.

Our payment, cancellation and postponement policies do not apply to air travel arranged through Tusker Trail. Full payment for air travel is usually due the day after we make your reservation. Cancellation and change policies are different for each airline we use.

Each Tusker trip member is required to submit our Health and Fitness Form. This form does not require your doctor's signature; however, it does require complete disclosure about your health. Once we receive this form, we'll be able to confirm your acceptance on the trip.  If there are any concerns about your health, we may need to contact your doctor for more detailed information. Please send your Health & Fitness form to us immediately after you receive it. This will allow us adequate time for review and possible follow-up questions. It will also allow you sufficient time to make alternate plans in the event you are not eligible to join the trip.

Guaranteed Kilimanjaro Departures
We have many scheduled departures throughout the year.  All of our Kilimanjaro departures are guaranteed - even if there is only 1 climber. This means that we will NEVER cancel a Kilimanjaro climb due to low sign up.  Extension and/or other expedition departures are not guaranteed, as they are operated by other service providers.

Custom Kilimanjaro Departures
We are happy to customize dates or setup private climbs for Kilimanjaro; there is no surcharge if there are 4 or more in your group.  As we have a limited number of guides, you should place your deposit immediately.

Park Fees & Flights
Most Tusker trips involve entrance to managed areas, such as national parks.  Some Tusker trips involve internal flights. Please note that the park fees and internal flight costs can change at any time and without notice.  Trip members are responsible for any cost increase.

Single Surcharge
Kilimanjaro -If you are on your own and join a Kilimanjaro climb, we'll match you up with a roommate of the same gender. If you request your own room at our hotel in Moshi and/or tent while on the Kilimanjaro climb, we will charge you a "single surcharge".  This also applies if you are forced to sleep in a single room or tent due to an odd numbered group size.  As there are no tents on Kilimanjaro’s Marangu route, all climbers share hut accommodation.

All Other Trips & Trip Extensions - On Tusker's Trips other than Kilimanjaro, the single surcharge varies by destination. Refer to the specific information about each trip on our website for details.

Prices can change without notice. We make every effort to produce this information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors.

Late Itinerary Changes
If you change your itinerary after you have made your final payment, we will charge you an itinerary change fee of  $125 per new itinerary.  We must receive your written approval by the next business day at 12 noon, Pacific Time US.   You will be responsible for any additional charges that may be levied by other service providers.

Trip Member Responsibility & Tusker Discretion
It is the trip member's responsibility for understanding the nature of the trip they have elected to join, and for selecting a trip appropriate to their interests, health/fitness condition, and abilities. Tusker Trail requires trip members to be prepared physically and mentally, and to have the appropriate equipment for the trip selected. Trip members must provide us with true and accurate information about their health, abilities, and preparations. TUSKER TRAIL reserves the right to dismiss a trip member at any time without the right of refund, for any reasons that TUSKER TRAIL may later learn about the trip member, or if the trip member's further participation may be detrimental to the individual or to other trip members or our trekking crew.

If we must cancel or change a trip, we will do our best to provide you with a full or partial refund for the Tusker Trail-operated land portion of your trip.  This refund shall release Tusker Trail & Safari Co. from any further liability. Tusker Trail & Safari Co. is not responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for the trip, e.g., non-refundable fees for air tickets; equipment; visa fees, medical etc. Cancellation fees may be levied by other operators running other portions of your trip, which we will pass on to you. This is why you should purchase Trip

Cancellation Insurance
Due to the nature of this wilderness trip, certain events may occur which could incur additional c