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the trek of a lifetime

everest base camp

Embrace the Challenge

Embark on a trekking odyssey to EVEREST BASE CAMP. Tusker Trail’s expert guides lead you on the trek of a lifetime through the Khumbu valley – from awe inspiring peaks to the captivating tapestry of Sherpa village life. This journey to the foot of Mt. Everest will be etched into your soul and will transform you in way you cannot imagine.

Fire up your spirit.


Hike to the foot of the worlds’ greatest mountain.
Mount Everest has captivated people from around the world for decades.

During your adventure-packed journey of a lifetime you hike among the world’s greatest peaks, witnessing blankets of clouds covering the distant glaciers. Treading lightly on the hanging bridges, you discover a mystical Buddhist monastery perched on a lone hilltop. With each step you envelop yourself in an ancient culture that’s been in sync with nature for centuries.

The maestro of guiding, MINGMA SHERPA, is your portal to the vivid Sherpa culture and the mysteries of the world’s grandest peaks. Also on his team are two of Tusker’s seasoned high-altitude mountain guides from Kilimanjaro who ensure your safety at altitude. They bring decades of high altitude expertise.

With almost five decades of guiding experience, we guarantee you an unrivaled adventure.

Mountain Camp

Energize. Recharge. Relax.

  • Every night along the trail in the Khumbu Valley you stay in comfortable family-run lodges that we have been staying at for many years. While the lodges are unpretentious, they provide you with all you need – a bed, a cozy place to rest after a hard day on the trail, and the occasional shower.

Adventure Kitchen

Fuel Your Challenge.

  • Indulge in delightful meals expertly crafted by our talented kitchen crew in our immaculate adventure kitchen, skillfully overseen by Tusker’s talented Nepali chef, Shiri. Join us for a flavorful journey!>


Leadership. Safety. Integrity.

  • Tusker’s masterful guide, MINGMA SHERPA opens an enchanting window for you to look into the Sherpa culture as he unveils the mysteries of the worlds grandest mountain peaks.



The success of your trek to Everest Base Camp rests upon three things: you, your health, and the expertise of your world-class guides. They are the heart and soul of your journey. With a solid foundation rooted in Eddie Frank’s experience training the Special Forces of the US Army, Tusker’s guides keep a watchful eye on your health and safety as you trek to extreme altitude.
They are laser-focused with decades of experience, integrity and outstanding leadership.