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Manifesting Spiritual Power

Forget pursuing the easy pleasures of money, power and fame.  Imagine instead, if you could fly.  Or at the very least, levitate.

For centuries the art, science and spirituality of levitation – ascension of the body over the physical environment – has allegedly been practiced by hundreds, if not thousands of individuals.  Many millions more have been mystified by this incredible phenomenon and sought to witness it with their own eyes, or even learn it for themselves.  Levitation is generally thought to be a manifestation of spiritual power and accounts of shamans and holy men, dating back to long before the time of Christ, suggest that they could not only hover a few feet off the ground at will, but also soar high into the air.  Even in recent times, as early as the 19th century, levitations were often associated with poltergeists.

It was only with the sudden advancement in science and technology during the 20th century that most astonishing acts of spirituality, like levitation, were written off as either hallucinations, magical acts or outright frauds.  Still, gravity continues to be one of the most baffling forces to scientists; they all know how it works, but none of them know why.  This is at least part of the reason that in the 1970’s numerous governments interested in gaining leverage in war, including the United States government, ran covert research programs and psychic experiments that sought to defy gravity by gaining a better understanding of the possibility and potential of levitation.  There were actually reports of certain governments conducting levitation research as late as 1996 and there very well could be clandestine experiments being conducted today.

It’s understandable why anybody, including warring governments, would want to harness the formidable power of levitation.  Especially in light of some of the mind blowing tales associated with this almost inconceivable phenomenon.


Hovering Saints, Flying Yogis

In both Christianity and Islam, levitation among high-level spiritual devotees has been recorded time and again.

The Roman Catholic saint, Joseph Cupertino, who lived in the early 1600’s, is said to have levitated in front of his congregation.  Eyewitness accounts suggest that just before ascending, he would let out a piercing shriek that could shatter glass.  Once airborne, he could maintain his levitation for up to two hours.  Another saint, Teresa of Avila, was also known for her ability to rise off the ground.  According to a witness, Sister Anne of the Incarnation, she once levitated over a foot off the ground for one hour.  Saint Teresa would say that a “great force beneath my feet” lifted her up and that she had no control over her levitations.  In fact, they frightened her to her core.  In most paintings that you see of her today, she is depicted along with a bird, signifying her gift of flight.

Since ancient times, the Hindu gurus of India have been said to possess the powers necessary to levitate; in modern times, there has been a significant attempt made at documenting such powers.  In 1936, the guru Yogi Subbayah Pullavar reportedly levitated for four minutes in front of a crowd of 150 onlookers.  Suspended horizontally, he was said to be in a deep trance while performing this feat.  Indian yogi Shirdi Sai Baba is also said to have mastered the art of levitation, doing so while he slept.  One man who allegedly witnessed Sai Baba levitating said that he would have a “bright halo of flame around his head” and “a shaft of light from his forehead between his eyes” while levitating.  In addition to levitation, Sai Baba allegedly had the psychic power to make clocks run backwards and restrain people in their seats by some invisible force.

For skeptics of levitation, the fact that there are no practitioners with whom they have direct contact, and there are no hard scientific explanations for how levitation is accomplished, likely means that they will never be converted into believers.  But for those who believe in the possibility of levitation and are open to hearing about how such a feat is accomplished, there are explanations available.


State of MindKathmandu (1)

In Hinduism, it is believed that gurus who have become siddhas – those who have attained the ability to use their spiritual powers – have the ability to levitate.

The Hindus say that when one progresses on the path of spiritualism, they will naturally attain many powers including levitation. Mastery of yoga that focuses on the second and third chakras is believed by many to lead to levitation.  It has been said that when a yogic climax has been achieved, an energy known as kundalini is released from the base of the spine in an upward direction to the brain.  When such energy is released, the individual has the power to defy natural laws and influence both internal and external forces.  At this time, the person can float in the air.

For those seeking an explanation that is more rooted in modern science than in ancient spirituality, there are new theories in physics that hypothesize that one of the three dimensions of space is actually an illusion.  And that gravity is not actually a part of the two-dimensional realm, but part of the third dimension.  Therefore, there are potential locations throughout the world where peculiar interactions of particles and fields result in such illusions.  Similarly, man-made devices – perhaps like those that may be created by covert government entities – also have the power to manipulate particles and create such illusions.

Regardless of how levitation may actually be achieved, there’s no denying that when it comes to hard proof that shows such a feat is possible, there’s very little to go on.


Calling All Practitioners

One might ask, “If levitation is possible, then where are all of its practitioners?  And why have they not all stepped forward to show off the ‘miraculous’ power that they possess?”

“First of all, the world is not emotionally ready to be given undeniable proof that levitation, among many other psychic powers, is possible,” says one Indian yogi who wishes to remain anonymous.  “And for me, or any other yogi to show you what we are capable of would merely be an impulse of our egos – and a complete waste of time.  I have put far too much effort into erasing my ego, to now sit here and levitate for your pleasure, or for mine.”

Decide for yourself.