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Coping With Corona Lockdown

These are VERY interesting times. None of us have ever experienced a “war” at home, much less against an enemy that is so stealthy, that we cannot detect it until it has already infiltrated our defenses. It even managed to infiltrate the White House and was undetected until it had attacked.

That’s what’s got a lot of the folks in our society so panicky. When and where is the next attack? Will it be me?

Most of us are in an imposed or a self-imposed quarantine lockdown for the unforeseeable future. And I’ve noticed that some highly resourceful people have figured out creative ways of connecting with their fellow citizens, providing companionship, selfless gestures and feelgood moments for others – SUPER important stuff for these times. That’s the good stuff a lot of us are made of. And as things get worse, and more drawn out, we’ll see a lot more creativity.

My best friend and wife, Amy, took me by the hand the other day and sat me down in front of her Ipad. She brought up a Facebook LIVE video of one of our trekkers leading a Yoga class from her home – free for all comers. She tuned in to watch a cousin of hers giving a free cooking class, then we watched DAVE MATTHEWS all alone in his attic, with a silent audience of 100,000 viewers. A cousin of Amy who is a highly trained vocalist, put on an amazing concert. The Indigo Girls put on a show and played for 20,000 viewers from a living room. Unscripted, unproduced, raw, honest, straight from the heart……and free.

Now that’s somethin’!

Here’s a place to start. Facebook gives you a list of upcoming live streams.

But here’s a better place to start. I am now doing a weekly Fireside Chat on the Tusker Trail Facebook page. It’s all about fun, tall tales, music and whatever comes up. The first one was a riot, this past Sunday.

Check it out -> here 


So, every Sunday at 1pm/PT or 4pm/ET for a fun half hour, go here -> to tune in. I’m having lots of fun sharing adventure tales and playing music from various parts of the world that I’ve traveled to. See ya there.