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Guest post from David Beach who climbed Kilimanjaro with his two brothers in September 2016.

Three of us climbed Kilimanjaro in September of 2016. We knew beforehand that the choice of guiding company would be one of the most crucial decisions we would make, and after much research and deliberation we picked Tusker Trail. I couldn’t be happier with that choice. From the pre-trip material Tusker sent us (recommended training regime, gear lists, medical considerations, etc.) to the personalized contact and service pre-trip (hi, Haley!), to the very well-organized logistics pre-, during, and post-climb, we felt ourselves to be in extremely competent and capable hands at all times.

Tusker Trail Kilimanjaro Climb

We investigated more economical options, and discarded them all as either inappropriate for our circumstances or extremely ill-advised in terms of failing to meet a number of critical criteria, not the least of which were safety and security.

On the climb itself (Lemosho route) we encountered climbers in different groups using different guiding companies. It was very informative to learn how the amenities other groups had or lacked compared to ours. We didn’t encounter a single group that reported having all of the same amenities that we did, whether it was comprehensive medical checks at least twice daily, excellent food (we had spaghetti bolognese one night!), an adequate supply of clean, potable water, thick air mattresses and cold-weather rated sleeping bags, portable toilet, etc, etc, etc.

Tusker Trail Kilimanjaro Climb

I’m sure it’s possible to climb the mountain with fewer amenities and comfort – heck, we saw groups doing it. We also saw climbers who had no business being on the mountain (for reasons of being completely disoriented and incapable well before the summit, wearing completely inadequate clothing, etc), who had clearly decided to pick more economical guides.

We also directly experienced the “Tusker effect,” in which climbers and guides from other companies who run into difficulty seek out the Tusker guides for help. On our descent day, a small group of climbers ran out of water and their guide approached ours for help. Of course, the Tusker guides helped out and gave them the water they needed. I have no doubt those climbers paid less than we did for their experience, and I’m glad Tusker was able to help. Let’s just say there was no question we were going to run out of anything.

Tusker Trail Kilimanjaro Climb

People die on Kilimanjaro every year; although I’m sure that sounds a bit dramatic, we were determined that we were not going to be among them. If you’re young, fit, and already know that you will perform well at altitude, fill your boots. If those things are not as true as you would prefer them to be, don’t take chances. Invest in the best security and peace of mind you can, and pick Tusker.

David’s story was originally published on TripAdvisor.



  • Nina Spencer
    January 27, 2017

    Amen to THAT! Great post!
    MY Tusker Kili summit day was January 26, 2011—just yesterday. Celebrated my 6th anniversary and to this day, I thank my lucky stars that we chose Tusker!!! You can view my summit day video, and all sorts of supportive articles, alongside a selcetion of my TV and radio interviews (where I talk about my climb and sing the praises of Tusker!), at 🙂
    Tusker IS the best. For sure.
    P. S. My experience of climbing Kilimanjaro with Tusker is also the subject of my second book and one of my most popular keynote presentations.

    Nina Spencer

  • Gladys Trzcinski
    January 28, 2017

    My summit day was October 18, 2005, I might have made it with another company but I was so happy with our Tusker guides Simon and Charles, and our porters. The porters called me “Mama” hopefully out of respect because of my age. I was 67. So you don’t have to be young, just in good shape and follow the advice and instruction of the wonderful Tusker team. I

    • Reni
      May 15, 2017

      Thank you for your post. I am considering a climb but am in my mid 60’s, having survived 5 back surgeries. Your words gave me hope. I am determined to make this dream a reality.

    • Eddie Frank
      May 15, 2017

      Reni -> It seems as if you’ve made the first step – dreaming about the climb. And if you have the dream, the will, and the ability to take on this fantastic challenge, it very easily becomes a reality.

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