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Celebrating the New Year with the Tusker Kilimanjaro Team

Guest post from Kilimanjaro climber Shyroll Morris.

Summiting Kilimanjaro on New Year’s Eve was magical!

It was truly special to be at the top of the world before ringing in 2018! Our Tusker guides Eliakimu, Pastori, and Urio were incredible! We were all amazed by the depth of their training and customer service skills.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


We felt safe, and they seemed truly vested in ensuring that we had a wonderful experience. They were aware of every detail that would impact the client experience and ensure our safety.

They adjusted to each client while also maintaining positive group and team dynamics. Eliakimu in particular had an amazing leadership style that ensured a positive experience for everyone. It seemed that all of the guides and porters looked up to him as a top expert on the mountain.

It was obvious that our Kilimanjaro guides were very proud to work for Tusker, and we felt confident that Tusker was the best company to bring us up the mountain. It was further validated by the many guides from other companies who came to our guides for advice.

There was a point that we saw a climber from another group crawling on hands and knees, and our guides stopped to help support them. It was their advice that probably saved that young lady’s life.  

The entire Tusker crew was amazing and reflected the Tusker core values. Chef Tosha’s food was so good that I actually gained a few pounds! Our waiter Hassani took care of us is such a kind way.

Charlie our Camp Master had wonderful organization skills and attention to details. He also supported me on the summit and was just amazing. Daniel always took care of our water with a smile each and every time. There were many more crew members that stood out, but I didn’t get all the names.

As I look back on this trip, I am so thankful for the team. They provided a truly incredible experience! I learned so much about Kilimanjaro, the mountain ranges, Tanzania and its people.

It was amazing, and I firmly believe that Tusker was the best company to climb with.



  • Nina Spencer
    April 19, 2018

    MY Tusker Trail Kilimanjaro experience occurred seven years ago now, yet I STILL stop what I’m doing each time the Tusker newsletter arrives in my in-bin to get that “one-more-time” lift from reading about yet another wonderfully positive experience from yet another grateful Tusker Trail Kili brother or sister. 🙂 Well done Tusker team, both in the USA AND in Tanzania! This is yet another well-deserved testimonial Eddie and all. I bet it never gets old reading these. 😉 Indeed, Tusker IS the VERY BEST! I am a Toronto-based international motivational speaker with 20 years experience (long before my 2011 climb), but SINCE my 2011 Tusker experience (and subsequent Kili keynote and book on my climbing experience), my speaking engagement bookings have grown exponentially. I invite you to view MY summit day video, and listen to TV and Radio interviews regarding MY wonderful Kili and Tusker experience, too, by visiting:
    As well, if you ever wish to share stories and/or have a chat about Kili or Tusker, do feel free to give a call at 416-588-3334. I have only good things to say. 🙂

    Being a “Tusker Alumnus” is a lovely, honourable “club” to belong to! 🙂

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