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Where are You Spending Christmas? The Shira Plateau

Where are You Spending Christmas? The Shira Plateau

Tis the season to be climbing Kilimanjaro

If you’re an adventure traveler who wants to escape an over commercialized Christmas in the big city, we have a place for you—Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tusker’s ten day Kilimanjaro Christmas climb offers you somewhere special to bond with friends and family in a spiritual place over Christmas. If a white Christmas is important, you can play in the snow atop Kibo summit while looking down on Africa’s timeless continent.

climb Kilimanjaro for Christmas 2018

The first scheduled Tusker Kilimanjaro Christmas climb is set for Dec. 21st, 2018 and has some surprise seasonal trimmings, as well as plenty of rugged outdoor holiday cheer.

Eddie’s epiphany

In 2014 Eddie Frank led John Manley, Canada’s former deputy prime minister, along with his family, on a Christmas climb up Kilimanjaro. “It was a great Christmas climb and we had our guides dress up and one of our porters led them in Christmas songs,” Eddie recalls. “In the early morning we left little gifts in their tents and Amy’s grandmother baked Christmas cookies. It was such a success that I wanted to build it into our climbing schedule.”

Eddie chose the Lemosho route for the 2018 Kilimanjaro Christmas climb for its spectacular scenery and the chance to spend Christmas Day at the foot of Kibo peak at Moir Camp. You’ll spend Christmas eve on the Shira Plateau, biblical in its geologic history. You camp on a 500,000 year-old extinct volcano floor stretching for 13 kilometers below the Kilimanjaro summit. On Christmas morning you will see the Shira Cathedral (12,779 feet). You can climb it to better acclimatize and if you thanking the mountain gods for the spectacular opportunity to so something you love.

Looking back on 2018

After the climb, descending to Moshi, it’s time to celebrate you biggest achievement of 2018, climbing Kilimanjaro. Raise a toast to yourself, your guides and to your fellow climbers. In the new year, after the cobwebs have cleared, start planning your next adventurous, spiritual quest.