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There’s never a bad time to visit mystical, historic, and challenging Peru for adventure travel because of its generally mild climate. But there a number of factors you should consider to determine the best time to visit the country.

Peru is divided into 25 regions, plus the province of Lima. You’ll have the best overall experience when you consider which regions you will be visiting, when they tend to be crowded, and when the weather might be most cooperative.

Trekking in Peru

A Peruvian Weather Overview

Expect the driest weather during the Peruvian winter, which runs from May to September. The summer runs from December to March, and frequent downpours are common in this wet season. The most unpredictable months are April and October, but you can still experience many of the sites at these times.

In Lima, temperatures are relatively steady throughout the year, with lows often near 60 degrees F (15 degrees C) and highs close to 80 degrees F (26 degrees C). In the mountains, temperatures vary more. Cusco, near Machu Picchu, has an average temperature of a cool 55 degrees F (12.5 degrees C).

Exploring Lima and the Desert

Many visits to Peru begin in Lima, a good place to spend a day or two getting acclimated to the higher altitudes. Here, it only gets cold enough for a sweater in the brief depths of winter. There is rarely more than an occasional shower in the capital city of Lima or anywhere else in the desert of Peru, making it an ideal travel destination no matter the time of the year.

Adventuring in the Andes

If you’re interested in experiencing the Andes by foot, the shoulder seasons of May and September are the best times to trek with fewer crowds, good weather, and amazing views. Heavy rains are common across the Andes from December until March. From June to September, the weather is relatively dry, although rain can happen anytime.

Taking in Machu Picchu

One of the most amazing and popular sites in Peru is Machu Picchu. Hundreds of thousands flock there each year, and crowds are heaviest during the peak season from June – August. Roads to Machu Picchu may be closed in February and any other times rain is heavy.

The Best Time

Because Peru has so many varied and stunning attractions, there’s always something incredible to see and do anytime of the year. So, when is the best time to visit Peru? Whenever you can!

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