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Hi Haley,

I apologize for the time taken to send this email, however we have all been swamped with work, fundraising and family obligations upon our return. I am sure if any of the other guys would like to add anything to this email they will certainly do so but wanted to send this to you from all of us.

WOW, what a hell of an adventure, it was everything we expected but more – on a couple of days it was 1000 times harder then we imagined and the emotional/spiritual aspect was immense.  Upon reaching the top, it felt like time actually stood still and everything was in slow motion.  We truly felt privileged upon summiting as there was no one behind us and we were able to take as much time as we liked, and we did for well over an hour!

The TUSKER family was, and has been, completely professional, organized and knowledgeable from our first phone enquiry, to the documentation and consistent emails during our planning and preparation stage, to the guides, porters and equipment/accommodation used during our climb.  We can honestly say that Tusker is/are the “go-to” people and guides on the mountain!  Many times the four of us remarked, after witnessing other outfitters behaviour and processes first hand, that we were so happy and thankful we made the choice to travel with Tusker. Sure, initially it may have been more money than other companies we researched, but you cannot put a price on success or health. Our success and experience was totally worth every cent!

Eliakim and Shebani are first-rate company men and proud to be associated with Tusker. This was apparent from the outset. We enjoyed their humour, conversations and willingness to get to know us and make our adventure a personal experience.  The 23-person team that assisted us to the top of Kilimanjaro were wonderful, as was the many drivers, administrators and hotel staff we met along the way. Everyone was wonderful!

There is nothing we would change about our experience or the services that we received. Thank you Haley for all your help and support you gave us.  We felt we were properly prepared and informed for our trek.

Thanks again, kind regards and all the best!


Scott, Matt, Drew and Kirk

Written by Scott Stewart, ACTC
President of Wagonlit Travel

P.S. when we found out that Eliakim had been to Mongolia and Shebani had been to Everest Base Camp, we took advantage and pumped them for information regarding both excursions.  At this point we don’t know what our next adventure will be, but rest assured if we can utilize Tusker and request either of our Kili guides we certainly will!

P.S.S. Also, thank you for putting our fundraising link on your site…our goal was $60,000 for our local hospital (prostate and breast cancer radiation bunker) and to date we have raised over $100,000…not bad for a few huckleberries from Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

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