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Tusker Nepali Crew Relief Fund

Tusker Nepal guide Mingma Sherpa and all of our Nepali crew worked tirelessly to keep our trekkers safe, well-fed and comfortable during the difficult days following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25th. While our trekkers are now all back home, Mingma and most of the crew members were back at their homes in Nepal when the second 7.3 magnitude aftershock struck. Thankfully they and their families are safe, but as you can imagine, the road to normalcy will be long and arduous.

We’ve set up a TUSKER NEPALI CREW RELIEF FUND to provide immediate financial help to Mingma and the crew as they rebuild damaged homes and support their families. We will not be able to direct funds to specific individuals upon request, as we intend to distribute the funds fairly, equitably and evenly, as each regular crew member has different needs. Donations are not tax deductible, as we did not have the luxury of time to set up a non-profit with the IRS.  However, all funds will be disbursed to our crew in Nepal promptly on a regular basis.

You can contribute to the TUSKER NEPALI CREW RELIEF FUND by check or PayPal.

Click here to donate by PayPal:

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Or write a check to the TUSKER NEPALI CREW RELIEF FUND and mail it to our office at:

924 Incline Way, Suite H
Incline Village NV 89451

Please note that we have become aware of some casual crew who have been soliciting large amounts of money directly from our clientele.  We cannot vouch for the validity, the amounts requested, or the legitimacy of these individual claims. So we suggest you donate to the Tusker Fund, which has a list of permanent crew members that work for us, and who have legitimate claims.

Thank you! Please contact us with any questions.

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