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It’s been a couple years since Tusker added a new trek to our list, so Amy and I zoomed off to Iceland last month on a Tusker scouting trip.  This – and the volcano in Iceland – got us all fired up about adding new trekking destinations.

Amy in Iceland - Zodiac TourOne day, Amy and I sat down and played “Spin the Globe”, an old game my dad played with us when we were kids.  Wherever the globe stopped is where we considered going.  With a bit of luck, and 4 decades of globetrotting experience, we honed the list down to an exciting handful of destinations.  All these places should be on your adventure bucket list.

Now we need your help to decide which place should be a new Tusker destination. Vote on our Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win a FREE Tusker Trek of your choice: Kilimanjaro, Mongolia, Bhutan or Nepal.  Amy and I will scout the winning destination to add it to our list of adventures.

This contest has ended. Thank you for choosing PATAGONIA as the next Tusker destination!

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