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84_Sauti_2To the Rim

I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Tusker.  Our trip was perfect, the best we have ever had.  Exciting yet we felt safe and in capable hands.  Everything was well taken care of.  Our tent was always ready when we arrived at camp along with our bags, meals were delicious and the food was healthy and well prepared and presented.

Our guides took such great care of us from the very beginning.  They were always attentive to our well-being and treated us extremely well.  I was very touched by the care they showed to one of the women in our group, who at 73 years of age struggled a little.  They literally carried her to Stella Point with encouragement.  I really believe she would not have made it without them.

I was very impressed with each of the guides’ knowledge of the mountain and its fauna and flora.  They knew the names of every animal, bird, insect, flower and plant we encountered on our 9 day trek.
On summit day our guides were wonderful and did everything humanly possible to get us all to the top!  We knew without a doubt though that safety was foremost in their minds and if anyone was in jeopardy they would not hesitate to get them down the mountain immediately. Their care of us in the days prior meant that no one fell short of the rim, an incredible achievement.

Mad Dash to Smooth Sailing

Our whole trip ran very smoothly and everyone and everything ran on time and according to plan.  Our luggage was lost by the airline but the Tusker staff and our guides were unflustered by this once they determined that we had our boots with us!  Thanks to your wonderful manual we did have them and enough gear to get us started on the climb.  We were amazed by the efficient way you got our luggage to us once the airlines found it!

84_Sauti_0Jim was very correct in being worried about Delta changing our flights at the last minute, we very nearly did miss that connection in Detroit for Amsterdam.  If we had not been so incredibly fit (thanks to the fact we were ready for the climb) we would never have caught it.  They even told us it was impossible to make the 1 mile run in the time we had before they closed the doors… we made it!

I feel that we are now spoiled and will always measure every trip against this one.  You will be a hard act to follow!  Any chance you might do an Everest climb one day?????  Kili was my #1 bucket list item which I have now had to replace with an Everest attempt!  I don’t know that I would feel safe with anyone but Tusker!