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Women Only

Unless you are a fearless woman, no need to read further. This is regarding a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro for women only and men need not apply.

Any woman who would like to hike through one of the most epic natural landscapes on Earth, do something to shake it up, show their kids and partner how tough they can be, sleep under the stars, push the limits, or remind themselves how awesome they can be in the face of adversity, is cordially invited to join this climb. If you do, you will join the ranks of other strong women ready to do something out of bounds.

Great Heights

And who is leading this women-only Kilimanjaro climb?

When it comes to monitoring a heart beat at high altitude, or scouting the best route up Mt. Kilimanjaro’s precarious Barranco Wall, Amy Frank has got you covered. A breast cancer survivor with an indomitable spirit, Amy has struggled against great odds to become one of the lead women in the mountaineering community. She has climbed Kilimanjaro 13 times, Aconcagua twice, and Mongolia’s highest peak, Khuiten, once, but it is not just Amy’s hard-core physical triumphs that make her awe-inspiring – it is her guiding abilities.

For 6-years, Amy has led an annual climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro called UpKili. All of the participants of the UpKili climb pledge to raise money for the breast cancer foundation of their choice, and in the last 6 years, over a million dollars have been raised on her UpKili climbs to fight breast cancer. All funds go to foundations, which support the advancement of breast cancer research, education, diagnosis, and treatment.

Amy has guided adventure expeditions worldwide, including treks in Mongolia and to Everest Base Camp. Her natural charisma as a leader, combined with her hard earned skill at high altitude medicine and mountaineering ethic, guarantees one-of-a-kind expeditions.

Push the Limits

Tough physical exertion reminds us what we are made of. It reminds us how tough we can be under pressure. Mountain camaraderie reminds us how it is possible to meet amazing friends when outside of our comfort zone. And views from the top remind us how much wonder has been left unexplored in the world; and how it is ours for the taking. Join up to climb Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits and Africa’s tallest peak, on a women-only climb led by expert guide Amy Frank. Your life will thank you.