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Guides & Porters

Tusker guides are like family and have been with us from 12 to 22 years.

Tusker Guides

Most of Tusker's crewmembers have been working for us for the past 12-21 years. They are fiercely dedicated to the Tusker family. With virtually no turnover amongst our staff, the Tusker crew is a finely tuned machine. This translates into a fun, safe and exciting adventure.

Your Porters

After our first climb 44 years ago, Tusker has focused vast resources on maintaining a cohesive climbing team. 

Most of Tusker’s crew members have been working for Tusker Trail for 15-22 years. Tusker's guides, porters and chefs are fiercely dedicated to the Tusker family. With virtually no turnover among our staff, the team is fully dedicated to you and your climb.

Tusker spends over 60% of its total revenue in Tanzania. This money contributes immensely to the welfare of the local Kilimanjaro community. Each year the following Tanzanian crew and staff support their families from our climbs:

    • 2,275 Porters
    • 13 Professional Guides
    • 18 Moshi-based Operations crew

These numbers reflect the number of crew directly employed by Tusker. Additionally there are thousands of other people in Moshi that are supported through hotels, food suppliers and other peripheral services.

Kilimanjaro Guides Porters Tusker

Tusker Trail is an approved Partner company with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project – KPAP – and the International Mountain Explorers Connection – IMEC – Partner for Responsible Travel Program.

In addition to having established high safety and climbing standards for our crew, we voluntarily participate with KPAP’s monitoring activities and allow KPAP to evaluate the treatment of our porters on all of our climbs.

You can be assured that Tusker Trail maintains the highest health and safety standards for our entire crew.