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The Kings of Kilimanjaro

Kings of Kilimanjaro


The Film

Decades ago, South African-born adventurer and Tusker Founder, Eddie Frank first set foot on the majestic Kilimanjaro.

The Bad Old Good Old Days, he calls them, when climbers paid no heed to the mountain’s power and fury, he climbed with jeans and sneakers in a blizzard, freezing to the bone – and the indigenous Chagga guides, climbed in flip-flops and slept in caves.

But now, the culture on the mountain has shifted, and Tusker Trail, the world-renowned adventure company founded by Eddie himself, is leading the charge. With guide and climber health and safety as their top priority, Tusker Trail has revolutionized the way we climb Kilimanjaro. And other companies are following suit.

For Eddie, the strength and character of the indigenous Chagga guides has been a constant source of inspiration. He knew that one day, he would tell their story to the world. And so he did.

He teamed up with his brother Laurence, a film writer, who has accompanied Eddie on many an expedition, and spent over 3 years making THE KINGS OF KILIMANJARO, a film that pays homage to the elite group of Indigenous Chagga Tusker Mountain Guides, Chefs, and Porters for whom Kilimanjaro is their “office.”

Watch The Kings of Kilimanjaro here and be inspired by the indomitable spirit of the Indigenous Chagga guides who call this mountain home.