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cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

How Much Does a Kilimanjaro Climb Cost?

How much does a Kilimanjaro climb cost? With prices ranging from $1,500–$7,000+, you can book a Kilimanjaro trek within your budget, but they’re not all created equal. In today’s guide, we’ll discuss the real cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro from low-budget outfitters to luxury trekking companies. So let’s start by breaking down exactly what those online booking prices include (and fail to cover) first. What the Cost to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Includes According to our estimates, you literally cannot climb Mount Kilimanjaro for less than $1,200.  At a minimum of  $160 USD per day, a five- or six-night hike

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6 Tips for Finding an Experienced Guide to Help You Climb Kili

Did you know you can’t climb Kili without a licensed and registered guide? The government of Tanzania and the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park made it a rule that all treks up the mountain need a registered, licensed guide at the helm. That’s for a few reasons.  Most importantly, a Mount Kilimanjaro hike can be dangerous. People die every year on the journey whether from weather-related accidents, altitude complications, or other unforeseen issues. And also to make sure that climbers stick to the many rules established by the government to reduce the human impact on the sensitive environment. Since you

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