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"The Challenge."  That's why most people climb Kilmanjaro.  It's a formidable challenge, doable by most people in good shape with a goal-oriented mindset.  But it's not for the meek or weak.  Make sure you're in great shape, and have a positive attitude, because Kilimanjaro will kick your butt if you're not.


Building Tusker's rock solid reputation bore a challenge similar to what climbers face on Kilimanjaro. At 19,340 feet - the highest solitary peak in the world.

With each new step, there looms a new obstacle. The every thinning air at high altitude. The ever changing terrain.

People always go through the same character building change as they come on the climb. People start  out very, very anxious they bring whatever ego they have back at home. And as they start slowly climbing up to higher and higher altitude. The mountain tends to level everybody out. This mountain makes everybody the same.

But as you sum it, as you reach the top. Gazing down at the wilderness from the crown of Africa. You behold the most breathtaking view of your life.

I feel like I was on top of the world [laughing] I feel good, really good.


I'm on my 52nd climb right now and it never gets old seeing the euphoria that people experience when there standing on the summit.

Thank you very much.

This is truly a life changing experience.

I started Tusker trail back in 1977 when I ran my first expedition across Africa. We just climb up into a form of drive truck, head South across the Sahara Dessert to West Africa, cross the jungles of Central Africa and wind up in East Africa.

We were tough, we were brave and we have to deal with anything that was thrown in our path.

That evolved into the company that we are today which is a true adventure company.

And about 18-19 years ago I decided to focus primarily on Kilimanjaro.

So, we are going to see this mountain as we are now in all of its glory.

Oh, that's great.

Going to stand on the summit in a few hours.

We are going on the top of the summit today. It's great!

It's infectious.

Well done.

To be able to show people what they are capable of doing and watch them achieve that.

Like many climbers in Kilimanjaro. Tusker Trail has reached its goal.

Thank you Eddie.

It is the top name on the mountain. And after decades of experience, it plans to stay there.