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A Short History of Trekking Guides

Hire wisely because not all guides have the requisite chops to help you deal with altitude sickness atop Kilimanjaro or Delhi Belly at Everest Base Camp or a river crossing on the Mongolian steppe. Generally, the quality of guides, while improving, is still all over the map…

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Staying Dry on Your Trek

There is a good chance during a trek in Tusker country it will rain or snow. Most adventure travelers gear up to stay warm paying less attention to staying dry. Big mistake because getting wet especially in cold conditions can compromise your…

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Patagonia’s W Circuit

Rainy cold mist is blowing in your face, but these are the perfect conditions to reach into your pack for your camera. Dawn’s golden mist offers the kind of elusive light that made Ansel Adams a legend, but arguably you

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How To Winterize For Treks

Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro’s summit temps are below freezing. Patagonia and Mongolia are warmer, but not that much on windy and wet days…

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