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Kilimanjaro After Your climb
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Kilimanjaro’s Shining Moment

The first question we ask ourselves, ‘are we going to have to climb that looming wall today?’ Hopefully we get to camp beneath it and tackle it in the morning’s freshness. Thankfully the Barranco Wall is for tomorrow…

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Africa Category

Kilimanjaro Field Guide

As much as it is a physical challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro is a sensory journey. To better heighten and understand that part of the climb, Tusker’s owners Eddie and Amy Frank with Thomas Rüegg have just published,“The Flora of Kilimanjaro—A Field Guide…

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Kilimanjaro’s Summer Season

You can climb Kilimanjaro in any of the four seasons, but there are many good reasons trekkers come in the equatorial summer months of December-January-February…

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Reaching the Summit

The Make-A-Wish Israel team climbs Kilimanjaro for children with life-threatening illnesses By Avi Bar Aharon At the end of January this year, together with 13 members of our Make-a-Wish Israel delegation, I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We

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