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Charity Climbs: The power of belief

On Dec. 29 Tusker is leading a Kilimanjaro charity climb to benefit Endure to Cure, the non-profit that has worked with Nick and his parents. The climb is open to anyone and all…

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Meet Your Kilimanjaro Guide: Simon Minja

As a boy growing up at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Simon Minja cut grass for his father’s cows, but knew he had a higher calling. He peered skyward to the Kibo summit hoping to join his dad atop the mountain one day…

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Mount Everest: Reads and Reels

Few of us will ever attempt to climb Everest because we lack the maniacal drive of the men and women depicted in the best books and movies about Everest. Read and watch these accounts and they may inspire you at the very least to trek to Everest Base Camp…

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Meet Your Kilimanjaro Guide

Kombe is among Tusker’s top guides with a specialty in high altitude medical response. Kombe’s Tusker career arc reaches nearly as high as Kilimanjaro’s and Mt Everest’s Summits

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