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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid – Part II

Read Part 1 to this story to gain more insights! Adventure travel requires an appetite for risk – balanced by trip planning and peak physical conditioning. We’ve been grounded temporarily by the Covid-19 global pandemic, but we are already making

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Coping With Corona Lockdown

These are VERY interesting times. None of us have ever experienced a “war” at home, much less against an enemy that is so stealthy, that we cannot detect it until it has already infiltrated our defenses. It even managed to

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Photographing Patagonia

When professional landscape photographers need to juice their creative mojo they often visit Torres Del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. There are a few other places in the…

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Mongolia: A Mind-blowing Adventure

Most people’s first trip abroad is to Mexico or London or maybe even Thailand. All reasonable and worthwhile, but making your first trip abroad to Mongolia pushes the boundaries of your travel tolerance, curiosity and…

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