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If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, regardless of your age, you’ll need to invest in some serious preparation before your trip. And if you’re older and not in the best shape of your life, you’ll have to

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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid, Part I

Keeping clients healthy has been a Tusker trademark for over two decades. Tusker Trail’s founder, Eddie Frank has pioneered ways to treat altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro and found a solution to conquer “Delhi Belly,” the water born intestinal issue that

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Kilimanjaro what to expect

• The Kilimanjaro Myth: A walk in the park

At 19, 341 feet Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and that alone should send a message to anyone considering climbing it. At that elevation the air is so thin that unless you’ve got Nepali Sherpa lungs and blood you will be affected…

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Kilimanjaro After Your climb
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• Kilimanjaro Shining Moment

The first question we ask ourselves, ‘are we going to have to climb that looming wall today?’ Hopefully we get to camp beneath it and tackle it in the morning’s freshness. Thankfully the Barranco Wall is for tomorrow…

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• First Timer’s Guide To Kilimanjaro

We all need a shot of dopamine at some point in our lives and we suggest that shot is time spent in primal nature on an adventure travel trip. Many instinctively are drawn to such an adventure, but fear holds us back…

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Kilimanjaro Field Guide

As much as it is a physical challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro is a sensory journey. To better heighten and understand that part of the climb, Tusker’s owners Eddie and Amy Frank with Thomas Rüegg have just published,“The Flora of Kilimanjaro—A Field Guide…

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