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The Beauty of Barren: Backcountry Greenland

The glaciers are melting, but that’s not the only compelling story unravelling in Greenland today.
Adventure travelers recognize the urgency to see this sprawling, barrenly beautiful wilderness of iceberg laden fjords and glacier chiseled peaks…

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Kilimanjaro After Your climb
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• Kilimanjaro Shining Moment

The first question we ask ourselves, ‘are we going to have to climb that looming wall today?’ Hopefully we get to camp beneath it and tackle it in the morning’s freshness. Thankfully the Barranco Wall is for tomorrow…

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Patagonia: Taking the Argentine Option

Patagonia’s national parks are immense spread over 800,000 square miles and two countries. Chile’s world famous Torres Del Paine National Park is the bucket list destination, but Argentina’s Glaciares National Park may be as scenic and as trek worthy as its better known sister…

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Private Expeditions

The benefits of a private expedition are many. You go where you want, you travel with your trusted friends, you save money and you get the benefits of Eddie’s 43 years of global contacts and leading trips in unchartered territories…

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Tusker’s New Take on Machu Picchu

After seven hours of ascending a stone trail built hundreds of years ago by the Incas, you ascend the Monkey Steps and can sense you’re within reach. The day’s sun has been strong as you hike above…

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Kilimanjaro Field Guide

As much as it is a physical challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro is a sensory journey. To better heighten and understand that part of the climb, Tusker’s owners Eddie and Amy Frank with Thomas Rüegg have just published,“The Flora of Kilimanjaro—A Field Guide…

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Photographing Patagonia

When professional landscape photographers need to juice their creative mojo they often visit Torres Del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. There are a few other places in the…

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