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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid, Part I

Keeping clients healthy has been a Tusker trademark for over two decades. Tusker Trail’s founder, Eddie Frank has pioneered ways to treat altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro and found a solution to conquer “Delhi Belly,” the water born intestinal issue that

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Kilimanjaro Field Guide

As much as it is a physical challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro is a sensory journey. To better heighten and understand that part of the climb, Tusker’s owners Eddie and Amy Frank with Thomas Rüegg have just published,“The Flora of Kilimanjaro—A Field Guide…

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The 7 shades of Kilimanjaro

When you climb Kilimanjaro you need to protect yourself from the sun. That’s as obvious as the nose on your face, but are you truly protecting your nose…

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Total Eclipse: Chasing the Myths

From the ancients in Asia who thought a dragon had eaten the sun to today’s high tech chasers, total solar eclipses have made people curious, anxious, exuberant and crazy…

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The Hard Right: When Descending is the Best Option

Tusker’s South America guide Andrew Springsteel had to make that hard, but right call this spring in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. After two-a-day medical checks, Sharon, one of the trekkers had developed early signs of high altitude pulmonary edema…

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The Antikythera Mechanism

Imagine you are watching an old, silent movie with Charlie Chaplin starring. He walks down a street, wiggles his mustache, opens up his bag, and pulls out an iPad. “Wait!

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