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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid – Part II

Read Part 1 to this story to gain more insights! Adventure travel requires an appetite for risk – balanced by trip planning and peak physical conditioning. We’ve been grounded temporarily by the Covid-19 global pandemic, but we are already making

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Patagonia: Taking the Argentine Option

Patagonia’s national parks are immense spread over 800,000 square miles and two countries. Chile’s world famous Torres Del Paine National Park is the bucket list destination, but Argentina’s Glaciares National Park may be as scenic and as trek worthy as its better known sister…

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Photographing Patagonia

When professional landscape photographers need to juice their creative mojo they often visit Torres Del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. There are a few other places in the…

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Patagonia’s Big Five

Most people go to Torres Del Paine National Park to see its spectacular throne like spires. As world class as these mountains are, there is more for wilderness adventurers. Patagonia’s Big Five wildlife list while not as spectacular as Africa’s is also special…

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Patagonia Success Guide

You are traveling to a place where legends have preceded you. From Yvon Chouinard to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Patagonia has been a place of refuge and personal discovery. It’s a chance to push yourself in a magnificent setting at the ends of the earth. This requires…

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Patagonia’s W Circuit

Rainy cold mist is blowing in your face, but these are the perfect conditions to reach into your pack for your camera. Dawn’s golden mist offers the kind of elusive light that made Ansel Adams a legend, but arguably you

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Patagonia: Reads and Reels

Lady Dixie Florence was the first to go agog when she saw Paine’s massive towers calling its three throne granite setting, “Cleopatra’s Needles.” This was written in her 1880 travelogue “Across Patagonia,” but we haven’t read her take, and will take her word for it…

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