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Greenland: Land of the Big Silence

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tusker is heading to Greenland in 2020. As one of the world’s least visited, most spectacular places it is the perfect destination for Tusker’s ever curious..

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Private Expeditions

The benefits of a private expedition are many. You go where you want, you travel with your trusted friends, you save money and you get the benefits of Eddie’s 43 years of global contacts and leading trips in unchartered territories…

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A Short History of Trekking Guides

Hire wisely because not all guides have the requisite chops to help you deal with altitude sickness atop Kilimanjaro or Delhi Belly at Everest Base Camp or a river crossing on the Mongolian steppe. Generally, the quality of guides, while improving, is still all over the map…

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Days Off En Route to Everest Base Camp

On Tusker’s Everest Base Camp trek a day off can be as active and as interesting as you want it to be. You can veg out in the lodge or venture out taking photos of the multicultural characters who ply the unpaved alleys in a global crossroads village…

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Nepal: Namaste with a Caveat

As adventure travelers we are naturally curious, compassionate and willing to take risks. These are great qualities enriching our lives, but also can make us vulnerable to scams. Nepal is a magnificent adventure travel destination, but there is a caveat…

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Solo Traveler Learns On The Road

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