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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid – Part II

Read Part 1 to this story to gain more insights! Adventure travel requires an appetite for risk – balanced by trip planning and peak physical conditioning. We’ve been grounded temporarily by the Covid-19 global pandemic, but we are already making

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Adventure Travel in the Time of Covid, Part I

Keeping clients healthy has been a Tusker trademark for over two decades. Tusker Trail’s founder, Eddie Frank has pioneered ways to treat altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro and found a solution to conquer “Delhi Belly,” the water born intestinal issue that

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Behind the Camera Lens

The Beauty of Barren: Backcountry Greenland

The glaciers are melting, but that’s not the only compelling story unravelling in Greenland today.
Adventure travelers recognize the urgency to see this sprawling, barrenly beautiful wilderness of iceberg laden fjords and glacier chiseled peaks…

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Cusco – Adventure Travel Gold

Located in the heart of the Inca’s Sacred Valley at just over 11,000 feet, Cusco Peru blends the best pre-Columbian indigenous artistry with Spanish colonial architecture. Much of it remains the way it looked…

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Greenland: Land of the Big Silence

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tusker is heading to Greenland in 2020. As one of the world’s least visited, most spectacular places it is the perfect destination for Tusker’s ever curious..

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Private Expeditions

The benefits of a private expedition are many. You go where you want, you travel with your trusted friends, you save money and you get the benefits of Eddie’s 43 years of global contacts and leading trips in unchartered territories…

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Tusker’s New Take on Machu Picchu

After seven hours of ascending a stone trail built hundreds of years ago by the Incas, you ascend the Monkey Steps and can sense you’re within reach. The day’s sun has been strong as you hike above…

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Mongolia: A Mind-blowing Adventure

Most people’s first trip abroad is to Mexico or London or maybe even Thailand. All reasonable and worthwhile, but making your first trip abroad to Mongolia pushes the boundaries of your travel tolerance, curiosity and…

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