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Mount Everest: Reads and Reels

Few of us will ever attempt to climb Everest because we lack the maniacal drive of the men and women depicted in the best books and movies about Everest. Read and watch these accounts and they may inspire you at the very least to trek to Everest Base Camp…

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Patagonia Trekking Seasons

If you love adventure trekking there is no more spectacular place on the planet than Patagonia. Don’t ask the question if you should go, but rather, when…

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Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

The question is a natural considering the top of Mt. Everest is over 29,000 feet, arguably the most challenging climb in the world. The good news is that Everest Base Camp or “EBC,” as it is commonly called, is 12,000 feet lower…

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Altai Tavn Bogd Mongolia

Any classic trek has the big pay-off. It’s getting into the heart of Altai Tavn Bogd where there are more eagles, wolves, and martens than people. This is the province of the iconic snow leopard and its prey…

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Sleeping Bags for Tusker Travelers

When you travel with Tusker make sure your sleeping bag is up to date and can deal with various weather elements on each trip. A summer weight bag will not be warm enough on Kilimanjaro or at Everest Base Camp or in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca…

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Patagonia’s Pinnacles of Pleasure & Pain

The Behemoths—Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre Standing a mere 11,020 feet, Mt. Fitz Roy is a goliath in the mountaineering world. It’s nearby brother Cerro Torre is a tad over 10,000 feet yet fewer than a dozen have ever climbed

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The Art of the Daypack

On Tusker treks around the world where porters, yaks or mules carry most of your stuff, there is a tendency to under-think your daypack, but that’s a potentially big mistake…

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