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A Short History of Trekking Guides

Hire wisely because not all guides have the requisite chops to help you deal with altitude sickness atop Kilimanjaro or Delhi Belly at Everest Base Camp or a river crossing on the Mongolian steppe. Generally, the quality of guides, while improving, is still all over the map…

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Meet Your Kilimanjaro Guide: Simon Minja

As a boy growing up at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Simon Minja cut grass for his father’s cows, but knew he had a higher calling. He peered skyward to the Kibo summit hoping to join his dad atop the mountain one day…

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The Hard Right: When Descending is the Best Option

Tusker’s South America guide Andrew Springsteel had to make that hard, but right call this spring in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. After two-a-day medical checks, Sharon, one of the trekkers had developed early signs of high altitude pulmonary edema…

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How to Prevent AMS

Slow down and drink You’ve trained for months and you’re 100 percent healthy exploding with energy after getting your first glimpse of Kilimanjaro. Once on the trail you’re like a lion chasing a gazelle—all adrenalin consumed by the chase. You

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