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A Short History of Trekking Guides

Hire wisely because not all guides have the requisite chops to help you deal with altitude sickness atop Kilimanjaro or Delhi Belly at Everest Base Camp or a river crossing on the Mongolian steppe. Generally, the quality of guides, while improving, is still all over the map…

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Everest Base Camp History

When Edmund Hillary was a member of the fabled 1953 British climbing team that did the impossible, EBC was just a glacial moraine on top of dry ice at the bottom of the foreboding Khumbu Icefall. It had been quiet for centuries except…

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Mount Everest: Reads and Reels

Few of us will ever attempt to climb Everest because we lack the maniacal drive of the men and women depicted in the best books and movies about Everest. Read and watch these accounts and they may inspire you at the very least to trek to Everest Base Camp…

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For three hours we were transported to Jamaica and Ethiopia on Bob Marley’s reggae riffs, exhorted by guys in dreadlocks to “stand up for your rights”. From what geyser did this cry for freedom spring?

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Grappling with the discovery of impossibly large skeletons and vastly oversized tools, researchers find themselves debating if giants existed beyond the realm of mythology.

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On March 1, 1896, Italian forces attempted to gain control of Ethiopia in the Battle of Adowa. The results from this conflict would mark the beginning of the end of European colonialism in Africa.

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