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Tusker’s Global Team

In the beginning...

When Eddie Frank was a child growing up in the African bush, Tusker Trail's founding guide dreamed of outfitting a Land Rover and driving it on an expedition across the African continent. He was so obsessed that his grandfather bought him an Atlas of the world when he was 6 years old. But at the age of 13, his family moved to Los Angeles in the USA. His dream was over.

One day at the age of 23 he was having a beer with some friends at their local pub. 

The topic of the trans-Africa expedition came up.  His friends bet him he would never do the trip.  That was the spark. The dare.

A year later Eddie found himself in the Sahara desert, leading what was to be his first of many expeditions across Africa with a dozen adventurers on board.

On that first trip, the jolt of excitement, the group camaraderie and the passion for discovery that he experienced - hit a nerve that was difficult for him to ignore.  His life had begun and Tusker Trail was born.

The next 44 years found Eddie leading expeditions and safaris across Africa, exploring the mountains, deserts, jungles, savannahs and rivers that he found in the chilhood Atlas given to him by his grandfather.  

During those years, as he journeyed through Africa he found himself exhilarated by a particular type of adventure - trekking.  He learned that by exploring on foot he was able to slow down his pace and engage the continent face to face - and on its own terms. 

Eddie Frank

Kilimanjaro Guide Eddie Frank

Tusker Trail's founder was born and raised in Africa, and has been leading Kilimanjaro climbs for 44 years, with 52 Kilimanjaro climbs under his belt. He guides on a regular basis. Since his first trip up Kilimanjaro in 1977, he has built Tusker Trail into the most skilled climbing company on Kilimanjaro.

Eddie has consulted with the US Army Special Forces on high altitude climbing techniques.

Amy Frank 

Kilimanjaro Guide Amy Frank

Amy has been climbing mountains for over 25 years. She has led multiple  Kilimanjaro climbs, and our treks in Bhutan, Nepal and Mongolia.  Amy is a co-instructor of Tusker's HIGH ALTITUDE FIRST RESPONDER medical course for Tusker guides. She is instrumental in shaping Tusker's training syllabus.

Amy directs Tusker's Adventure Cuisine training in conjunction with the Culinary Institute of America.

US & Overseas Staff

Tusker Trail's staff are experts on all our trips.

Each staff member has been hired for their commitment to the environment, their love of the outdoors, and their efficiency. They join Tusker treks on a regular basis.

Andrew Springsteel

U.S. Operations Director
South American Guide

Mel Kaida

Assistant US Operations Director
Asia Guide

Haley Brunello

Trekking Coordinator, U.S.

Jaime Olive

Trekking Coordinator, U.S.

Julian Jones

Tanzania Operations Director

William Macha

Assistant Operations Manager, Tanzania

Sarah Jones

Kilimanjaro Climbing Coordinator

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guides

Each staff member has been hired for their commitment to the environment, their love of the outdoors, and their efficiency.

Simon Minja

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 17 years

Urio Senyael

Tusker Trail guide - 12 years

Frances Meela

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 18 years

Happyfrais Kombe

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 12 years

Memes Meela

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 13 years

Shabane Hassani

Tusker Trail guide - 8 years

Thobias Meela

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 14 years

Eliakim Mashanga

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 13 years

Gaudence Kessy

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 13 years

Stanford Maleku

Tusker Trail guide - 10 years

Liberaty Matho

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 11 years

Pastori Minja

Tusker Kilimanjaro Guide - 10 years

Tusker Asia Guides

Mingma Sherpa

Tusker Nepal Guide - 7 Years

Dosjan Khabyl

Tusker Mongolia Guide - 8 Years