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47 Years of Epic Kilimanjaro Summits

 Join the Tens of Thousands Who Discovered the Tusker Trail Difference.
Owned by a guiding family for 47 years.


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Tusker Trail stands apart from the many intermediary companies that clutter the tourism industry. In the foothills lies our very own ground operation, with our own climbing teams, gear and local contacts.   We are a family-owned guiding company with over 47 years of valuable experience leading climbs on Kilimanjaro.

With our own highly trained elite guides, crew, and equipment, we conduct independent climbs that offer unique benefits, including direct access to our expert knowledge and support.

Our well-coordinated teams and responsive approach make for a wholesome experience tailored to each climber's momentary needs, with 98% of our climbers achieving the summit.  With our own operation on the ground, we have everything necessary to deliver a superb climb, from your preparation to the climb itself.

Join the tens of thousands of climbers who have trekked the Tusker difference.


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98% Summit Achievement

Tusker’s elite guides have led many thousands of climbers to the summit for decades. They exhibit expert leadership and are medically qualified.


Porter Climbing Standards

For 47 years Tusker Trail has carved a path of ethical climbing standards for our guides and porters on Kilimanjaro. As a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), we have advised and provided financial support to the non-profit organization since its creation.


The Movie

Go behind the scenes for an exciting look into the little-known world of the Tanzanian guides, mountain chefs and porters on Kilimanjaro. Be inspired by the indomitable spirit of Tanzanian guides who call this great mountain home.

After decades of guiding climbers to the summit, they have earned their title, THE KINGS OF KILIMANJARO.  They are family.

After Kilimanjaro, Your Trip is Not Over.

A Wildlife Safari or Zanzibar's Beaches

Journey into the heart of East Africa's wildlife reserves on safari, witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration. Or explore exotic Zanzibar, where senses are awakened by the island's tantalizing flavors and vibrant culture, surrounded by white sandy beaches.

Wildlife SafariZanzibar























More Passion Driven Adventures


The fiery passion for adventure that drives Tusker Trail's owner-guides, Eddie and Amy Frank, is instilled in every awe-inspiring trek they design. Experience their burning desire for discovery firsthand.

Our Noble Approach

Tusker’s owners, Eddie and Amy Frank have spent decades leading treks around the globe. They have a vested interest in the communities, and conduct an adaptive and ethical adventure travel business that is harmonious in all respects with the land, the people, and the wildlife.


Ethical Travel


Treading Lightly


Cultural Awareness

Climb Kilimanjaro for Good

Fancy a climb up Kilimanjaro for a noble cause? Not only will you be taking on an epic challenge, but you'll also be raising funds and awareness for a great mission. Join Tusker Trail's tribe of climbers, who've already raised a massive $16,000,000 for various causes while facing the challenge on Kilimanjaro.

The Adventure Chronicles

Get a taste of true adventure. Dive into Tusker’s interactive Historical Timeline and immerse yourself in 47 years of pioneering adventure. See how Eddie Frank sharpened his bush skills in the early days, dodging military coups in the 1970’s, chasing lions out of camp, and floating trucks down the Congo River. Over four decades of wild experiences has shaped what is now a world class adventure company.