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Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping journey through the wildest terrain on Earth? It’s right here on Tusker’s Adventure TV, the pulse-pounding video channel of Tusker Trail. From the daring expeditions of the 1970s to the thrilling treks of today, our channel is your front-row seat to the epic adventures of Tusker Trail.

Witness the grit and determination of our early expeditions as we crossed Africa in rugged four-wheel drives. Feel the sand, mud, and dirt fly as you join us on these overland adventures, and relive the excitement of every moment.

Adventure TV also takes you on a journey on our current treks and mountain climbs all over the world, from the highest peaks to the most remote locations. Get ready for breathtaking views and heart-stopping action as we push ourselves to the limits and find the true meaning of adventure.


Climbing Kilimanjaro, the pinnacle of adventure, is an indescribable feeling. To stand atop that mountain, victorious after one of life’s toughest challenges, is a euphoria that will forever be ingrained in your soul.

The true appeal of climbing Kilimanjaro lies in the challenge it presents. It’s in tackling this formidable mountain that one finds empowerment, the strength to conquer any obstacle life throws your way.

A great Kilimanjaro climb is built on the foundation of a strong team. With expert guides, skilled porters, and masterful chefs, your climb is sure to be a success, with memories etched forever in your mind.

Summiting Kilimanjaro requires endurance, and proper nutrition is key. See how Tusker’s chefs, honed by the Culinary Institute of America, fuel your climb with healthy, satisfying meals..

Kilimanjaro’s peak is the prize, but the journey is where true self-discovery lies. Embrace the inner and outer quest, and let the mountain reveal your true purpose.

Adventure is life’s grandest teacher. Take on the challenge of Kilimanjaro, and let the climb’s transformative power awaken a newfound sense of power within you.

The summit’s euphoria is indescribable, it gives you the confidence that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It’s a feeling that will stay with you for a lifetime, a reminder of your limitless potential.

Kilimanjaro’s secrets unveiled, Tusker’s KILICAM has been captures the mountain’s grandeur hourly since 2004. Behold Tanzania’s first and only live webcam in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.

“Hockey Day” on Kilimanjaro! With Crater Camp as their field, our Canadian Charity climbers took a break to set an unofficial worlds highest hockey game record!


Trek into a realm hidden by time, where mountain ranges tower and glacial rivers flow. Journey back to the days of Genghis Khan in a land where the borders of China, Russia, and Mongolia converge.

Embark on a journey through one of the earth’s most awe-inspiring and untouched places. Trek in the steps of ancient nomads, on foot or horseback, and immerse yourself in the wild grandeur of nature.

We trek through a land of nomadic tradition, where the local eagle hunters have trained golden eagles for over a thousand years. Immerse yourself in their ancient ways and feel the power of the eagle on your arm.

The Kodachrome Years

These videos chronicle Eddie Frank’s early expeditions, during the rugged days of his African journeys from the ’70’s through the ’90’s.

While leading a walking safari in Zambia, the group was charged by a large male lion. Eddie dropped his camera, so no video of that!

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta of the world. The group rough camped on the islands, sleeping, hiking and canoeing among the wildlife.

While camping in the Zimbabwe bush, a puffadder (snake) crawled under one of the tents. The camper didn’t move for 1 hour until it left.

The group pulled up in a Zambian village, and tried out the local moonshine “Kachasu.” Also a lesson on how to dig a bush toilet.

Truck breakdown in Zambia. Eddie waited for 3 days waiting for relief vehicles and made some good friends while he was waiting.

The group visits a local Witch Doctor in Malawi. Mungoma would ‘consult’ with trip members and reveal incredible insights about their lives.

A friend of Eddie started flying microlights over Victoria Falls. Amazing sensation and an incredible highlight of the expedition.

Canoeing along the banks of the Zambezi River alongside Elephants. Lions kill a warthog. Wow!

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