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Each day as you approach the Tusker camp, you are struck by the incredible views. The camps are strategically located to offer the most breathtaking vistas, and Tusker’s mountain camp is your refuge during the climb. It’s a sanctuary after the day’s challenge, a well-deserved comfort after a tough trek uphill.

The wilderness charges you up with an overwhelming feeling of freedom, and Kilimanjaro is the ultimate wilderness experience. The raw beauty of the mountain fills your soul, and you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom unlike any other.

First great view of Kibo peak. Shira Plateau.  Elevation 11,500-ft/3,505-m.


Ah, the majestic peaks of Kilimanjaro! Each tented campsite, mapped and chosen by the seasoned hand of Tusker owner and guide Eddie Frank, with 47 years of leading climbers to the summit. Each day on the mountain is a new adventure, a new discovery, and a new vista to behold.

From the first camp hidden in the lush montane forest, where the night is alive with the eerie calls of Tree Hyraxes, to the high and rocky slopes of Barafu, where the mountain unveils its true grandeur. There is nothing in this world that can compare to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kilimanjaro, on full display.


As you roll into camp at the end of each day’s climb, you’re struck by how the entire mountain camp has already been set up by your crew for your arrival. Your tent is up, and your mattress and personal duffel are waiting for you inside. This is the ideal time for a quick break while you air out your boots. Plop down on your mat and take a load off. Taking a short rest is a great method that works to reduce swelling and allows your body to acclimatize to the altitude, giving your system a chance to normalize.

Shira Camp. Porters welcoming climbers to camp with a song.

Usually, your clothes are wet from exertion or the weather, so change into something dry. You burn a lot of calories trying to stay warm, so it’s easy to get a chill. The key rule is to stay warm and dry. After a short rest, explore the beautiful area and stretch your legs a bit. Head for the mess tent and get some calories on board with a sweet cup of hot tea and a bowl of freshly made popcorn.

Eddie Talks

“There’s nothing like breezing into camp at the end of a tough day uphill, working up a full sweat, then taking in the amazing view over a hot cup of tea.”

Full-Size Walk-in Tents

Ah, the wonder of Tusker’s custom designed tents! As you arrive at camp, your eyes are greeted with the sight of full-size, walk-in/stand-up tents, crafted with precision and expertise by Tusker’s owner and guide, Eddie Frank, with his 54 climbs of experience. These tents are more than mere shelters, they are masterpieces of engineering and design.

These tents are weatherproof and spacious, with room enough to stand up and walk around, even to take a sit-down meal if you so desire. They are built to withstand the heavy winds and storms of any season, with a proven fly and zipper system that protect you from the elements while allowing easy entry and exit. Despite the fact that two climbers can comfortably share a tent, these tents are spacious enough to accommodate six. The extra space allows you to have a customized thick air/foam mattresses, and plenty of room to organize your gear, with space enough to stretch your legs. Indeed, these tents are a true marvel, a testament to experience and the spirit of adventure.


Wow, the untamed wilds of the mountain! The camp is your social hub, a sanctuary in the midst of the rugged terrain. The campsite is ready for you upon arrival, leaving you with plenty of time to explore the spectacular surroundings.

Each climber embraces the end of the day in their own way. Whether you seek rest, or adventure, whether you wander with your camera, or relax with a book, one thing is certain, you will savor the moment and bond with your fellow climbers.

The team spirit on this Kilimanjaro climb is palpable, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself part of a tight-knit group, united in a common goal. You’ll also realize that the memories and bonds formed on this journey will last a lifetime.

A Staggering Sky

As you climb up the majestic slopes of Kilimanjaro, a natural wonder appears under the cloak of night. The sky becomes a canvas of endless possibilities, painted with the brushstrokes of a million stars. The constellations above you blaze with a radiance unlike anything you have ever seen at home – a symphony of light, a cosmic opera for the ages. Don’t wait  to lift your eyes to the skies, because the night on Kilimanjaro is one of the finest performances on earth..

Well Deserved Comforts

As the day’s climb comes to a close and you arrive at camp, your body aches for rest. The rough terrain and increasing altitude have taken their toll, and recovery is essential. But for the true adventurer, a tent alone is not enough. A comfortable place to lay your body is crucial. On each of our camping routes, we’ve found the solution in the form of a cushy air/foam mattress, insulated from the cold ground. Tucked away in a good sleeping bag ensures you stay warm, dry, and toasty through the night, leading to a great sleep, and the strength to tackle the next day’s climb.

A Hot Shower

As you climb Kilimanjaro , the thought of a hot shower becomes a distant dream, a luxury not to be found on the mountain. But if you’re climbing our SPIRAL or LEMOSHO ROUTES, this dream becomes a reality. A hot shower is a rare commodity on the mountain, and highly prized by our climbers. The Tusker shower tent is private and clean, allowing the climbers to fully refresh after a grueling day uphill. The feeling of a hot shower on the mountain is truly priceless.

We carefully schedule one shower, mid-climb, close to a water source. Our dedicated porters carry water to the kitchen, where it is heated on a gas stove. They then fill up the canvas bucket and hang it in the shower tent. You  stand on a tarp to keep your feet from getting muddy.  And voila, the hot shower is a luxurious reward on the mountain.

Our Friend John

Kilimanjaro’s public pit-toilet is a revelation to the senses.  But fear not, for Tusker has a solution, a savior in the form of “John.”

“John” is a trusty companion to all Tusker climbers, a sanctuary of privacy and seclusion, a sacred spot visited time and again. And with Tusker, you’ll not be left to the mercy of the open pit, for we provide each climbing team with their own private throne tent, clean and sanitary. So, relax at camp, knowing that relief is only a small walk away. 



Meals & Memories are Served up Here.

‘Round the table, beneath the stars, we gather ‘neath the peaks. Climbers share tales of summits scaled, adventures had, and journeys yet to seek. And all the while, our expert cooks whip up feasts fit for a mountain king, fueling our bodies for the climb ahead.

Briefings & Health Checks

Morning & Evening Health Checks

Before the evening meal, our guides tend to our health and well-being. And as we gather ’round the dinner table, they regale us with news  of the climb’s  progress and the challenges that await the next day. A time for contemplation and camaraderie on the slopes.


Rise and shine! The guides are at your tent with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee to kick-start your day. As you savor the warmth of your sleeping bag, the chefs are busy whipping up breakfast. But don’t linger too long in your cozy cocoon, it’s time to hit the trail. A thorough medical check-up and we’re off, leaving the comforts of camp behind as the support crew hustles ahead to set up our next home on the slopes. Such is the rhythm of the climb, a steady progression upward, ever upward.


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