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Tusker Trail’s founding guide, EDDIE FRANK made his first Kilimanjaro Climb on his first Trans-Africa expedition 48 years ago.  Since then he has guided 54 Kilimanjaro climbs and knows the Mountain like the back of his hand. Over the decades he has built Tusker Trail’s climbing operation, at the foot of the mountain,  into the foremost climbing outfit on Kilimanjaro. Eddie & his guiding wife, Amy have created a formidable climbing team of highly trained guides and set the standard for Kilimanjaro excellence.

If you’re looking for a truly amazing Kilimanjaro climb,   refined  over the course of 48 years, then read on and learn how TUSKER TRAIL can show you the adventure of your lifetime.  

We Lead Our Own Climbs

Why it Matters

Tusker Trail is a family-owned company that has offices in the U.S. and our own licensed, hands-on climbing operation at the foot of Kilimanjaro. 

For this reason you will not be passed off to a subcontractor like most booking agencies do.

This is an important difference because we maintain full control of your climb – from the day you sign up until your return flight home.  By training our own expert guides and mountain chefs, and running our climbing operation on the ground, we control  all safety and climbing standards in the moment.

We handle emergencies on the mountain as they occur and adjust to immediate climber needs during your climb, not after you return home. 


Medically Trained Expert Guides

Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet high, and categorized as “extreme altitude.” Only with a team of  highly experienced, medically trained guides can you climb with the confidence that your safety is monitored step of the way.  

Tusker’s guides undergo vigorous medical and emergency training to monitor our climbers and conduct emergency evacuations. Included in the cost is an international evacuation membership with RIPCORD, the leading evacuation company in the world.  Tusker’s guides are formidable individuals  and have led thousands of climbers up Kilimanjaro for decades. Their proficiency in handling high-altitude emergencies is unparalleled, earning them widespread respect on the mountain. 

When the US Army scouted companies to train the Special Forces at altitude, they selected Eddie Frank and Tusker Trail.  We  train our guides using the same system, and they frequently lend a hand to other companies, having earned their reputation as the foremost guides on Kilimanjaro. You’re in the safest hands.


Mountain Chefs

Food is life – especially while climbing Kilimanjaro.  During your trek it is essential to have a professionally planned climbing menu, designed to provide you with the right nutrition and great flavors for Kilimanjaro’s challenging demands.

Tusker has engaged the world-renowned CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA to train our mountain chefs. The Culinary Institute also meticulously planned our climbing menus, prepared on you climb by Tusker’s amazing chefs in our Adventure Kitchen.


Signature Mountain Camp

Every day on your climb you’ll enjoy a restful stay at our Signature Mountain Camp, complete with all-weather full-size walk-in tents. You enjoy delicious meals prepared by our awesome mountain chefs  in all-weather, cozy  dining tents, seated at a group dining table in comfortable chairs. We provide gas lighting which also generates heat around dinner on cold evenings.

On our longer Lemosho and Spiral routes we provide two hot showers mid-climb to freshen up.  We also put up private toilet tents which we sanitize regularly.

What You Get on a Tusker Climb

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