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The mystique of mongolia trekking

Gear up for a journey that defies the ordinary and plunges you into the heart-pounding world of adventure, Trekking in Mongolia. Tucked away in Central Asia, Mongolia is enveloped with landscapes that scream untamed beauty and raw wilderness. 

Brace yourself for an intensely rich journey through rugged mountains and hidden valleys, where every step unravels a fresh spectacle of nature’s majesty, inviting adventurers to dive headfirst into an unforgettable trek.

The thrill of hiking in Mongolia

You can either hike our 70-mile trail on foot, or ride a horse like a Nomad – or do both.  And if you don’t know how to ride, with hands-on lessons from your guides, and the nomads to guide you, you will be riding comfortably after a couple of days.

At the epicenter of the Trek in Mongolia lies the majestic Altai Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that commands reverence for its mind blowing panoramas and cultural significance. You navigate ancient trails amidst towering peaks with pounding rivers and ancient glacially-fed lakes. These ancient trails have been traveled by nomadic tribes for thousands of years. Each twist and turn opens up vistas of unparalleled splendor, leaving an indelible mark on your soul as you soak in the sheer magnificence of the natural world.

Mongolia Horse Trek

When you ride a horse alongside the Nomads, you’ll find yourself connected to and ancient nomadic riding culture dating back 4,000 years.

Guided by seasoned experts from Tusker Trail with the expertise of local nomads, you’ll not only have the ideal camp and gear but also take a deep dive into Mongolia’s rich heritage. From unraveling the nomadic traditions of the Kazakh people to deciphering ancient petroglyphs etched into the mountainsides, every encounter becomes an opportunity to forge profound connections with the land and its people.

When to Trek in Mongolia

The best time to adventure out into the Altai mountains of Mongolia is July.  There are several reasons.

The weather is at its most favorable, with mild temperatures and minimal rainfall, for the best hiking and riding conditions. July marks the height of the region’s stunning natural beauty, 

The grasses are green, most flowers are in full bloom, and the snow has melted off the mountain pass we cross. Temperatures can range from 28° F/-2 °C at higher elevations during the night to 90° F/32 °C in the day.  Sometimes you can experience occasional showers.

Hiking in Mongolia – What it’s Like

Here, amidst the untamed wilderness, each day unfolds with the promise of a new adventure. 

Whether you’re hiking over mountain passes, setting up camp under a canopy of star-studded skies, relaxing at the shores of a pristine glacial lake or engaging in great laughter with the exuberant Nomads, every moment pulsates with a sense of wonder.

Mongolia trekking transcends mere physicality; it’s a soul-stirring odyssey that challenges your perceptions, fosters deep connections, and etches an unforgettable mark on your heart.

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In the vast expanse of Mongolia, where the boundless sky meets rugged terrain, lies an adventure waiting to be embraced. Trekking here foot or on horseback, isn’t just a journey; it’s an immersion into the raw beauty of nature and the nomadic spirit of its people – like nothing else on earth.  

Amidst the rolling hills and snow-capped peaks, you’ll find a sense of liberation, a break from the confines of urban life. Every step unveils a new panorama, from sprawling grasslands to serene lakes reflecting the majesty of the surrounding mountains. In Mongolia, you’ll discover not just landscapes but the untamed essence of wilderness. 

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