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With elite guides by your side you transform your journey into the trip of a lifetime. The Tusker team is composed of legendary highly qualified guides with many years of Kilimanjaro experience, having led thousands of climbers to the summit.  They are often called upon by the other trekking companies for their expertise.

As medically trained High Altitude First Responders, your guides not only keep you safe but boost your morale with their laser-focused skills and passion for the mountain. Their love for Kilimanjaro is palpable and their knowledge of the climb is second to none.

MULTIPLE GENERATIONS of Tusker's guides have been leading our climbers for almost five decades. Their experience and respect on the mountain is unmatched. See how guide Simon Minja rescues a climber from another company.

WATCH THE MOVIE - In this 2-hour feature documentary produced by Eddie Frank & his film-making brother, you go behind the scenes on Kilimanjaro into the lives of Tusker's Guides, Mountain Chefs and Porters.  DON'T MISS IT!

Kings of Kilimanjaro the Film



Tusker's almost five-decade obsession with climber safety is a testament to their unwavering commitment to ensuring the safest and most successful climbs on the majestic peak of Kilimanjaro. As the company with the most thoroughly trained crew and the highest number of guides in any group, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.

With Tusker, you'll climb with a no-nonsense approach, knowing that if a member of your group requires evacuation by a guide, the remaining guides on your team will be able to ensure that you continue the climb, enabling you to achieve a successful and safe climb to the summit. Join Tusker and set out on an epic adventure, with the assurance that safety and adventure is always at the forefront.


Join a highly experienced team, steeped in the knowledge and wisdom accumulated through years of conquering the mountain. The Tusker team has faced and overcome every obstacle the mountain can throw at them, so you can be confident that you're in good hands. With Tusker Trail, you'll be able to tackle the challenge of your lifetime, with the assurance that you're in the company of seasoned veterans who have spent decades making the impossible, possible.

kilimanjaro - expert guides - generations of climbing experience


Led by a team of expert guides who have spent decades honing their skills and sharing the same core values and high standards, you can be confident that your climb will be smooth, well-executed, and safe. Many of Tusker's guides have worked with Eddie Frank while training the US Special Forces, and all share a devotion to their profession and the climbers in their charge.

When climbing, it's essential to have guides who are expertly trained and have long experience dealing with altitude sickness and austere weather conditions, both of which can change in an instant.

The Tusker team has spent multiple weeks in focused training, and many years climbing, to develop the skills necessary to guide you safely to the summit. The guides often say that Kilimanjaro is their office, and it is indeed their backyard, as they all grew up and live on the slopes of the mountain. Each guide has summited Kilimanjaro hundreds of times and has an intimate knowledge of the flora and geology on every trail - up and down. Join Tusker and experience the ultimate adventure on the roof of Africa, with the knowledge that you're in the company of seasoned experts.


On the slopes of Kilimanjaro, the mountain is your constant companion and your greatest adversary. The thin air and the ever-changing weather conspire to test your mettle at every step. But with Tusker's elite world-class guides by your side, you will conquer these challenges and have a safe and successful climb.

Our guides are the best in the business, with years of experience and highly focused mountain medical training. They monitor you closely, with twice daily medical checks to evaluate your condition, and spot early signs of altitude sickness or other issues that you may not even be aware of. They know that something as simple as a hot spot on your toe, loss of appetite, slight insomnia, or an altered sense of humor can be a key indicator of something developing. And by spotting potential issues and treating them before they become a problem, you will get the most out of your climb.

Our summit success rate of 98% speaks for itself. Trust in our guides, and trust in yourself, and you can stand victorious on the rooftop of Africa.


kilimanjaro - expert guides - on the spot medical monitoring
kilimanjaro - expert guides - on the spot medical monitoring

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What is the difference between a High Altitude First Responder (HAFR) and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR)? A Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is the most common wilderness medical course taken by guides who lead trips in remote locations. It is a common certification among companies that offer river trips, treks, and overland expeditions in remote wilderness locations. 

Almost all medical emergencies on Kilimanjaro happen above 10,000 feet altitude. This requires altitude-specific training.  However, the WFR five-day course only spends two hours on high altitude medical training. This is why Tusker Trail’s founding guide, Eddie Frank, created the HAFR medical course. It’s all about fixing what can and often does go wrong at altitude.

High Altitude First Responder (HAFR) training is an expansion of WFR training; however, it has a more specialized focus on high altitude medical issues. Check our Health and Safety page to learn how Tusker created the High Altitude First Responder training program. All Tusker’s Kilimanjaro guides are High Altitude First Responders. Three of our Tusker guides also assist leading our treks to high altitude at Everest Base Camp in Nepal.


These are what physicians who have climbed with us have said about our guides knowledge and Tusker's advanced health and safety protocols:

Kilimanjaro Medical Advisor - Dr Michael Callahan

"Tusker guides are distinguished from all others by their training as High Altitude First Responders.  The intensity and thoroughness of the training is best demonstrated by Tusker's unparalleled safety record and extraordinary adventure experience for climbers."

"It was a great Kilimanjaro climb and you run an outstanding operation. Your emphasis on health and safety is to be commended. I wish some of my medical students had the insight of your guides."


During our 47 years in adventure travel we have established enduring global alliances with the following professional organizations:

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