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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route - Tusker Trail


LEMOSHO - 12 Days

Scaling Kilimanjaro is more than just conquering its peak; it's about the transformative journey and breathtaking vistas that come with it. While most groups scale the summit in the dead of night, our team takes a different approach. We climb to the summit during the day, starting just before dawn, to savor the stunning views.

After a challenging day, recharge your batteries at Tusker's Signature Mountain Camp, complete with cozy walk-in tents, a couple hot showers mid-climb, and locally-inspired, nourishing meals. Over the course of twelve days, our meticulously planned climb allows for safe altitude acclimatization. With a team of elite High Altitude First Responder guides, we have a remarkable 98% summit achievement rate via this route. With almost five decades of Kilimanjaro climbing experience  Tusker guarantees an unforgettable adventure.


        • Distance: 42.2 miles or 67.8 km gate to gate
        • Duration: 12 days total, 9 days climbing gate to gate
  • Daily trekking time: 4 to 10 hours (12-14 summit day)
  • Tusker's Lemosho route success rate: 98%

CRATER CAMP – You experience the enchantment of Kilimanjaro while camping in the crater just beneath Uhuru Peak, with no one else around. You can also hike to the seldom visited Ashpit, and summit twice (if you like) – once on the ascent and a second time before descending the next day. And if you prefer not to camp in the crater, you can descend to Barafu Camp for the night and join up with the group the next day.

"Lemosho Route with Tusker Trail"  --  "When I started researching the best tour companies, my friend who is an experienced mountaineer (first women to hike Mt Everest from both sides), suggested Tusker Trail, I knew they were a top notch organization. I also loved the fact that Eddie (Tusker's owner) is credited with helping map this route."  --  "Kristin Y"


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3,000-ft/914-m Machame Climbing Route Day 1 After arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport, you meet your driver after clearing immigration, and then take a drive to our hotel, the Bristol Cottages hotel in Moshi. You stay two nights here to get fully relaxed and focused before your ultimate challenge on Kilimanjaro. A delicious meal, a hot shower and a warm bed are all you need at this moment. Meals Included:  Dinner Lodging:  Bristol Cottages Hotel
3,000-ft/914-m Machame Climbing Route Day 2 After breakfast, you meet your Tusker mountain guides for your climb orientation and a final equipment check. This is a great opportunity to get to know your team leaders, pick their brains for advice, and to gather any extra gear or supplies you might need. After gear check one the guides takes the group for lunch in Moshi. This is a nice chance to wander around town getting a taste of Moshi, the bustling Tanzanian town of the north. He will also show you around the colorful Moshi market at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging: Bristol Cottages Hotel
10,600-ft/2,972-m • 7.2 miles/11 km • 6-7 hours At the Londerossi Gate on the western slope, we sign into the national park, then begin our hike at the Lemosho Glades in the montane forest. In places the vegetation is so untouched that it grows right across the trail. In the tree canopy look for the purple flash of the Hartlaub's Turaco, as well as black and white colobus monkeys barking at you from the upper branches. Your guides are experts on the local flora and fauna. You'll also be able to use Eddie and Amy Frank's Field Guide to the Flora of Kilimanjaro. to help identify many of the species of plants. After 4 hours, you arrive at Tusker camp in the rainforest at Mti Mkubwa (Big Tree). Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
12,480-ft/3,804-m • 3.1 miles/5 km • 7-8 hours We start out after breakfast and after an hour leave the last glades of the rainforest behind. You climb toward the Shira Plateau, a caldera, which is a collapsed volcano, one of Kilimanjaro’s original three – Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira peaks. After lunch we start climbing up the ridge to the edge of the caldera at 11,560-ft/3,534-m. As you pass through fields of heath and moorland, you notice the mountainside gradually opening up, with stunning views of the caldera. You now start to feel the effects of the altitude, and slowly hike to camp. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
13,650-ft/4,160-m • 6.2 miles/10 km • 7-8 hours Machame Climbing Route Day 5 It’s a gradual hike up the western slopes through the upper heath and moorland zone, as we cross the Shira Plateau. Kibo's snowy peak glows in the distance luring us closer to our camp, which is tucked away at the foot of a giant lava flow. Once we enter the glacially carved valley, you notice the alternate layers of lava and sediment looming over your right shoulder. Evenings are spectacular with heat lightning flaring up in dusk sky over the plateau. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
12,950-ft/3,950-m • 6.2 miles/9.9 km • 6-7 hours Lemosho Climbing Route Day 6 We start the uphill trek first thing into the Alpine zone toward Lava Tower at 15,200-ft/4,633-m. At the foot of the 320-ft/98-m tower we stop for lunch, giving our bodies a short time to acclimatize. Making the steep descent, we hike by the uniquely beautiful plant life in this unusual habitat, such as the giant lobelia and senecios. Camp is situated at the foot of the Barranco Wall. There’s a buzz of excitement as climbers from around the world anticipate the next morning’s climb up this giant, imposing structure. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
13,200-ft/4,033-m • 3.6 miles/5.8 km • 4-5 hours Lemosho Climbing Route Day 7 Emerging from your tent you can’t help focusing on the wall, contemplating its fortress-like structure. The Barranco Wall stands like a sentinel, blocking your highest goal, the final ascent to Uhuru Peak. Right after breakfast, we start our scramble up the wall. It takes about two hours, as we ascend about 500-ft/152-m out of the valley, surrounded by dazzling views of ancient lava flows and towering peaks. Then we take a steep, meandering hike with Kibo Peak over your left shoulder, down into Karanga Valley, and up the other side to camp. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
15,790-ft/4,813-m • 2.6 miles/4.18 km • 5 hours Lemosho Climbing Route Day 8 It's a tough, but a rewarding climb up the rocky, craggy slopes to Barafu High Camp, sometimes called Kosovo. Tusker has special permission to camp here. Because the camp is at a high elevation it is quite cold and windy at night. The air starts getting quite thin, and you find yourself breathing hard. There is a buzz of excitement in the air, as your climbing team anticipates the toughest day just ahead. The clouds move quickly in and out, revealing the eroded Mawenzi Peak, rising from the plains below. In the afternoon, you gather around your guides for a detailed briefing of the climbing strategy for the next day to the summit. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
Summit: 19,341-ft/5,895-m • 2.55 miles/4.1 km • 6-7 hours Crater Camp: 18,810-ft/5,733-m • 1.5 miles/2.4 km • 1 hour Lemosho Climbing Route Day 9 Our summit climb starts a couple hours before sunrise. Most of our climb is in daylight, as we have found that on the steepest and most demanding part of the climb, our climbers prefer the warmer temperatures and spectacular views all around. At mid-day we reach the rim of the crater. Behind you is the thrilling site of Mawenzi Peak, while the crater's ice-walls loom ahead above you. We now continue to Uhuru Peak (1-2 hours) – the highest point in Africa (19,341-ft/5,895-m). Your feeling of euphoria is intense, as the culmination of your challenge approaches. Reaching the summit, you celebrate with your fellow climbers and take lots of photos. We trek down into our camp in the awe-inspiring crater, beneath the summit. After settling in, we hike up to the seldom visited Ashpit, where fumaroles and the smell of sulfur are signs that Kilimanjaro is still a dormant volcano. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
Millennium: 12,590-ft/3,837-m • 6.3 miles/10.1 km • 5-6 hours Lemosho Climbing Route Day 10 Still high from the summit, the crater dawn light tops off your magical experience. Before the invigorating descent, you can take another hike to Uhuru Peak. We then start a slow 3-hour descent through the scree to Barafu Camp for a short break and a snack. Then a further two hours brings us down to the edge of the rainforest at Millennium Camp. Once at camp, it's time to relax and enjoy our last dinner, followed by a deep and restful sleep on Mount Kilimanjaro, before the final descent to the national park gate tomorrow. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Signature Mountain Camp
Mweka Gate: 5,500-ft/1,676-m • 7.5 miles/12 km • 6 hours ~ Drive Moshi • 30 mins Lemosho Climbing Route Day 11It's a 6-hour hike from Millennium Camp to Mweka Gate where we sign the book, enjoy a final lunch and say goodbye to our porters. Your guides accompany you on a short drive back to the hotel in Moshi, where a hot shower and a cold drink await your arrival. We all enjoy a celebratory meal in the evening. Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Lodging:  Bristol Cottages Hotel
WILDLIFE SAFARI Tusker-African-Safari Continue on an incredible Wildlife Safari through some of the most spectacular animal reserves on the planet, such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks.
ZANZIBAR Zanzibar - Tanzania After your climb immerse yourself in a fascinating journey back in time to the magical island of Zanzibar in the Indian ocean. Get lost in the historical maze of ancient alleyways, and enjoy the most beautiful beaches on earth.


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Once you have summitted Kilimanjaro go on a mind blowing Wildlife Safari and explore the epic wildlife parks of East Africa. And travel back in time to the mystical island of Zanzibar for incredible beaches, coral reef snorkeling, exotic foods, and a total cultural immersion.

For more information about our Wildlife Safaris and Zanzibar journeys read about our Trips After-Your-Climb.


On our 5-day safari you discover an incredible array of wildlife. And if you time it right, you might even find yourself surrounded by millions of animals during the great migration which occurs twice a year. You marvel at the incredible feeling as you immerse yourself in the spectacle of the African savannah.

For more details read about your Wildlife Safaris here.

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African Safari Trip Day 1Rise early to connect with your safari flight from the Moshi Airport to the Manyara Airstrip, where you meet your safari guide. Lake Manyara National Park is very different from the other parks with a huge diversity of habitats. It is home to the unusual tree-bound lions and the elusive forest primate, the blue monkey, along with many other species of animals.

The Lake supports a large array of bird life, such as yellow-billed storks, white-necked cormorants, pelicans, and Egyptian geese. We overnight at Kirurumu Manyara Tented Camp.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lodging: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge


African Safari Trip Day 2The awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater is a 110 square-mile volcanic caldera, which collapsed two million years ago. It is encircled by 2000-ft. sheer walls. We drive down the narrow track to the crater floor, for a full day exploring this lush animal paradise.

The crater swarms with 30,000 head of wild game, stalked by great prides of lion, jackal, hyena and leopard. Ngorongoro is one of the few places left on earth where you can see the almost extinct black rhinos in their natural habitat.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lodging: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge


African Safari Serengeti Adventure The Serengeti National Park is the world’s oldest ecosystem, It is a sanctuary with the highest concentration of large mammals, containing over 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras, 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles, and over 2,500 lions.

Every year, the Serengeti hosts one of the most dramatic spectacles on earth:  The Great Migration. During this time, millions of wildebeests, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle migrate non-stop through the Grumeti and Mara Rivers in search of fresh grazing, following an ancient pattern of survival.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lodging varies depending on the migratory season.


African Safari Trip Day 4In the morning, wake to the call of amazing birdlife, or the first sunrays splaying across the endless plains. These timeless sights and sounds signal the dawn of a new exciting day on safari.

The Serengeti is famous for its predators. On our daily game-runs with expert safari guides, you can expect excellent lion and cheetah sightings, and exciting lion hunts.  You can also spot leopards regularly. Other predators include serval cats, golden and black-backed jackal, African wild dog and spotted hyena.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lodging varies depending on the migratory season.


African Safari Trip Day 5After breakfast, we head out for our final game-run in the park. Afterwards, you drive to the the airstrip to connect with your flight to Kilimanjaro airport.

At Kilimanjaro International a Tusker Trail representative will meet you with your climbing gear that you stored in Moshi. Depart Kilimanjaro Airport.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

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 Tailored to the Season

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$2,300 to $4,700 (plus local flights)
Trip cost depends on season and duration.


 Custom Duration

Trip Length

3-5 Days

Land Cost

$1,100 to $3,200 (plus local flights)
Trip cost depends on duration and activities.


We've been planning and coordinating our Wildlife Safaris and Zanzibar trips for over four decades.  Our trek coordinators will help you celebrate your success on Kilimanjaro with the most amazing experience you can imagine. For your after-climb adventure just give us a call when you book your Kilimanjaro Climb.

When we plan your Wildlife Safari, we factor in important variables to maximize your adventure experience.  We plan for the best locations based on the season, the amount of time you wish to spend in the bush, and the type of accommodation you’d like to use. 

Zanzibar is always amazing, regardless of when you visit. But if you want some tips the greatest food, the best place for snorkeling a coral reef, or where to go to enjoy the most incredible sunset, give us a call.

TO BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE CALL US  +1.775.833.9700    1.800.231.1919


Your expert guides are the heart and soul of your successful Kilimanjaro summit challenge. EDDIE FRANK, Tusker's founder, built Tusker's elite team of guides using the same techniques he used when training the US Army’s elite Special Forces. Our elite team has led over 10,000 triumphant Tusker climbers to the summit for decades.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide Lemosho
Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide Lemosho
Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide Lemosho


Kilimanjaro Climb Company Founding Guide Eddie Frank

"I had been leading Kilimanjaro climbs for 9 years when I got the urge to revisit what brought me back to Africa as a young man in the first place.  Adventure and Discovery. I hunted around for an untraveled route, and came up with the approach from the far west side of Kilimanjaro I found Adventure and made and astounding Discovery – a virtually untraveled narrow trail  up through the Lemosho rainforest, exposing one of the most beautiful sides of Kilimanjaro."


One of the keys to the success of your climb is your climbing crew. They are the backbone of your adventure and ensure that your camp and gear is set up at each new location on the climbing route. The team is made up of porters and chefs that are fiercely loyal to Tusker Trail and who have been part of our family for the past 15-23 years.

Your porters and chefs also provide an incredible window into Tanzanian culture. They introduce you to the inspiring music of Kilimanjaro which will inspire you to put one foot in front of the other. All in all, you and your team are part of one big family, on a trek to the top of Africa.

Tusker Spiral Route Kilimanjaro Crew
Kilimanjaro Guides and Porters
Tusker Spiral Route Kilimanjaro Crew
Kilimanjaro Guides and Porters
Tusker Spiral Route Kilimanjaro Crew


        • Professional guides & dedicated crew
        • Transfers on arrival and departure
        • Lodging & Meals as per daily itinerary
        • Activities as per itinerary
        • National Park Fees
        • 4-season WALK-IN all weather tents
  • 2-inch air/foam mattresses
  • 4-season base-camp dining tents
  • Dining tables & comfy chairs
  • Gas lighting in dining tents
  • Purified water
  • Private toilet tents
  • Drybag (to protect your duffel)




tusker trail 5 star reviews

"I chose the 8 day Lemosho Route" -- "I can not recommend Tusker Trails enough and thought our team was AMAZING.  I do not believe this will be the last team I use Tusker Trail due to them having numerous trips around the world.  They are a well oiled machine and know exactly how to put all pieces together." -- "Larrysam1"

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