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Solar Eclipse Trip Spain 2026


9 Days

Oh, the excitement of witnessing a total solar eclipse! It's an event so rare that it leaves even the most seasoned sky gazers buzzing with anticipation. You must be in the exact location at the perfect moment to witness the Moon's total takeover of the Sun, plunging the world into a surreal and thrilling darkness.

The unforgettable sight of the Sun's corona, beaming brilliantly behind the Moon like a cosmic spotlight, is a breathtaking experience that ignites the senses and leaves one in a state of speechless wonder.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Interactive Map

March 31 - April 9, 2024

April 9 - April 12, 2024

Eddie Frank, Tusker Trail's audacious founding guide embarked on an exhilarating quest to discover an exclusive vantage point in the Mazatlán hills from which to witness the highly anticipated 2024 total solar eclipse in Mexico. His search ultimately led him to a marvelous site precisely situated along the center line of the eclipse's  shadow, providing unparalleled viewing of this breathtaking spectacle. It's worth noting that this celestial occurrence hasn't graced Mexico's skies since 1991, and won't make another appearance until 2052!

Joining us on this expedition into the fascinating world of astronomy is Dr. Laurance Doyle, a distinguished astrophysicist from both the SETI Institute and NASA Kepler missions. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the intricate workings of the universe and the innovative techniques the Mayans developed over 3,000 years ago to track celestial movements. With Dr. Doyle as our guide, we'll be privy to some of the most advanced astronomical insights from one of the most ancient civilizations in history.

Also, we'll explore the vibrant and culturally rich regions of Yucatan and Oaxaca. We'll discover the ancient ruins and sacred sites that reveal the complex and profound beliefs of the Mayans, as well as indulge in the gastronomical wonders that these regions have to offer. This is a journey that promises to be both enlightening and exhilarating, as we uncover the mysteries of the universe and the vibrant cultures that have been shaped by it.


Solar Eclipse 2024 - About the Eclipse



Dr. Doyle worked as an engineer with the Voyager spacecrafts at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Since 1987 he has been a Principal Investigator with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California where his main projects have been the photometric detection of extra solarplanets, and the application of information theory to animal communications. He was a Member of the NASA Kepler Mission Science Team with responsibility for detection of extrasolar planets around double star systems and made the first direct detection of a circumbinary planet, Kepler-16b.

He is former Director of the Institute for the Metaphysics of Physics at Principia College, and is currently working with colleagues to start a new field - quantum astronomy. Doyle is currently Principal Investigator of the Humpback Whale/SETI Project funded by the Templeton Foundation.

Watch Dr. Doyle talk about the HISTORY OF SOLAR ECLIPSES .(49 minutes).

Watch Dr. Doyle on the History of Solar Eclipses (49 minutes).

Dr. Laurance Doyle, SETI Institute and NASA Kepler Astrophysicist

Next Solar Eclipse 2024


Anyone who has stood in the shadow of the eclipse will try and explain to you what a life-changing experience a total solar eclipse is.  Ask them why, and they’ll say, “I don’t really know, but the feeling that comes over you is unbelievable.”  A solar eclipse is an astronomical event that effects the whole world, however most people on earth must wait for an eclipse to pass over them. Many people have never had the total eclipse experience. Tusker’s founding guide, Eddie Frank and Dr. Laurance Doyle have been teaming up since 1983 and providing exciting astronomical experiences for celestial adventurers.


Solar Eclipse 2024 - Life Changing Experience


Tusker Trail started running adventurous astronomy expeditions and trips back in the early 1980’s. Eddie Frank, Tusker Trail’s founding guide first met Dr. Laurance Doyle, a  SETI Institute and NASA Kepler Astrophysicist, at his 28th birthday party in 1981.  At the time, Doyle was working on the Voyager spacecrafts’ Space Image Processing Team at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He took Eddie on a tour of JPL during the flight of Voyager II through the rings of Saturn, a billion miles away.  It was a stellar experience for Eddie. They decided then and there to combine their expertise - Eddie’s as a terrestrial bush guide - below the tree canopy, and Laurance’s as a celestial guide - above the tree canopy.  They started planning their first astronomy trip in Africa.  Since then, they have been running astronomy and solar eclipse trips throughout the world.



Eddie and Laurance led their first astronomy expedition to NAMORATUNGA in north Kenya, a remote site with a 2,300-year history. They discovered that a now-extinct pastoralist people had created an accurate lunar calendar by placing large basalt stone pillars at precise positions in the ground using them to track the movement of the moon in conjunction with specific stars and constellations in the northeastern sky.

The NAMORATUNGA site consists of 19 pillars. The technique that Doyle and Frank used was to project the precession of the earth’s axis back in time, and by doing so were able to emulate the 7 star alignments that the now extinct Borana people made around 300 BC, thus creating an accurate lunar calendar.

Solar Eclipse - Astronomy History Great Namarotunga
Solar Eclipse - Astronomy History Great Namarotunga
Tusker Trail About Us - Legacy - First Astronomy Expedition
Solar Eclipse - Astronomy History Great Namarotunga



Eddie Frank and Laurance Doyle made some fascinating astronomical discoveries at the ancient site located in central Zimbabwe, dating back to 400 A.D.  At three different locations around the complex, they discovered that the creators of the complex had built significant markers for observing and/or predicting the summer solstice.

Frank and Doyle’s collaboration led to a lifelong partnership exploring the skies from various vantage points all over our planet. Since their early astronomy expeditions in 1983 and 1989 Doyle and Frank have been a formidable celestial adventuring team.

Tusker Trail About Us - Legacy - 2nd Astronomy Expedition
XSolar Eclipse - Astronomy History Great Zimbabwe
Tusker Trail About Us - Legacy - 2nd Astronomy Expedition
XSolar Eclipse - Astronomy History Great Zimbabwe


"Eclipses have been recorded for thousands of years. It is very likely that this sudden darkening of the Sun by the Moon in the middle of the day could have driven the whole discovery of science by humanity. As you stand in the shadow a total solar eclipse, you are drawn is drawn into a bonding with fellow eclipse viewerrs that is older than civilization. Even the most scientific among us are drawn into to a sense of awe and wonder, and a feeling of participation in the universe!"

Watch Dr. Doyle on the HISTORY OF SOLAR ECLIPSES (49 minutes).

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MEXICO ECLIPSE - April 8, 2024
Location: Private Site Near Mazátlan, Mexico

Totality: 4m 27.2s

We're in the process of scouting our amazing 2024 Solar Eclipse trip in Mexico. Our plan is to explore the ancient Mayan sites in the Yucatan, with Dr. Laurance Doyle teaching us about the ancient Mayans’ advanced understanding of astronomy. We’ll explore Oaxaca then head for our private eclipse site near Mazatlán.

Solar Eclipse 2024 - Mexico

Location: Patagonia ~ Cancelled due to Covid

We plotted a breath-taking trip to the wonderous hills of Patagonia. Unfortunately, due to the global Covid crisis, we were forced to cancel the trip because of the danger and the closure of country borders.  Join our next Eclipse Trip in Mexico, April 8th, 2024, as we explore ancient Mayan eclipses as well as the current one that will engulf us in its shadow.

Location: Kuranda ~ Totality: 2m 04.7s

Thirty adventurers accompanied Dr. Laurance Doyle to Northeast Australia, not far from the Great Barrier Reef.  The eclipse started just after sunrise and was the first total solar eclipse there in ten years.

Clouds and rain covered the area and the eclipsers feared the worst, but the clouds cleared mostly, and they were treated to 45 seconds of lunar-solar magic.

Solar Eclipse - Australia Eclipse 2012

Location: Lake Tugurik ~ Totality: 1m 57.4s

In August 2008, Tusker led 47 adventurers to the remote far west border of Mongolia to experience the magical total Solar Eclipse amongst the local nomadic people. 

The path of totality began in northern Canada where the moon’s shadow first touched the earth, then for two hours it moved across the Arctic, central Russia, till it passed over the Tusker group, camped in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains.

Solar Eclipse - Mongolia Eclipse

Location: Ho ~ Totality: 3m 32.6s

Two years prior to the eclipse in West Africa, Eddie Frank went on an extended scouting expedition into the remote bush of Togo and Ghana. 

Two years later, Eddie and Amy Frank found themselves guiding another one of Tusker Trail’s famed eclipse trips with 14 adventurers in Eastern Ghana, where they accidentally bumped into the president of Ghana at a captivating funeral ceremony, with traditional dancers and drummers.

Location: Ceduna ~ Totality: 32.5s

In December, Tusker Trail took a group of hearty travelers to the south coast of Australia. 

Doyle and Frank discovered an effect they called the “Emerald Tiara,” which resembles an emerald-colored halo around the Moon as it crosses the Sun. This is an atmospheric refraction phenomenon especially visible during eclipses that occur very near the horizon.

Solar Eclipse - Australia Eclipse 2002

Location: Kafue National Park ~ Totality: 3m 43.1s

Tusker Trail ran its first Solar Eclipse trip with Dr. Laurence Doyle in Zambia. It occurred on June 21 and was the first solar eclipse of the 21st century. The group experienced almost four minutes of totality on a remote hilltop in Zambia’s Kafue National Park. 

A year before the eclipse Eddie and his team were scouting the area deep in the Zambian bush. They were attacked by poachers who started vast bush fires to burn them out.  In his 4-wheel drive Eddie raced through the flames and the team escaped but unharmed.

Solar Eclipse - Zambia Eclipse